GrammarBot same chat repeating

(Charliekeene225) #1

I am doing German lessons and I can see there is a similar comment for french. When grammar bot cycles as an option I get either one of 2 two chat lessons it offers. This is either “welcome to your first gammarbot lesson” or another (when I have done both multiple times). Each time they are exactly the same things in the same order and there is no option to skip. Even the first question “are you ready to begin” (power phrasing), if you click the no option it just goes “ok well I will help you so lets start anyway”. In general I find this hugely annoying that I am being asked questions with one option to click in response or an option which will continue the same way regardless of my response - either pause for a few seconds and continue or give a next/continue option. If I have done the gammarbot lesson I really don’t want to go over the exact same chat again so please log how often this grammarbot lesson has been completed or give a skip option.

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(Smithandyr) #2

I am seeing this in French 1 and 2 (I have not reached 3 yet) for both Grammarbot and Chatbot. The failure of them to progress makes them of very little use.

(Tgriffin8066) #3

I am encountering the same issue while doing German lessons: the Grammarbot is stuck on “how to use the word ‘nicht’” and I’ve done the exact same series of questions and answers four times. When signing up for “Pro” I thought that the Grammarbot would become a very helpful tool, but it doesn’t seem to be able to progress beyond the first lesson. Is there a hidden trick that allows us to progress the Grammarbot?

(Charliekeene225) #4

Yes exactly the same for me, I have worked out when “up next” suggests grammarbot you can click “more” and do something else - essentially never using it. I had also hoped that it had some basic level of intelligence built in to vary the chat based on what you have done correctly/incorrectly. It doesn’t even random the questions it asks, they are the same ones in the same order each time.

I have only 3 grammar lessons and no chatbots, and you?
(Charliekeene225) #5

Bump? Any comment from support?I have started level 2 german now and its exactly the same. Cycling between the same three chats which I have done multiple times. Gammarbot is unusable and as far as I can see the only way to undestand the gammar better, if it doesn’t get fixed I feel abit cheated having paid a years premium membership but having to go elsewhere to learn grammar.

(Baite) #6

Maybe @BeaTrisy or @lien are able to tell you who is able to take of this. Perhaps they didn’t see the threat (recently).

(Stephen Pendred25) #7

Same here and it’s driving me crazy! Otherwise loving Memrise

(Luke Surl) #8

It was this irritating repetition that resulted in me cancelling my pro subscription.

(Charliekeene225) #9

I sent support an email 3 days ago but no reply. It is strange that there is no response even if to say we acknowledge the problem.

(Baite) #10

Let’s ask Support and cc Matt, Bea - Bea says she is the bug blaster.

Dear @MemriseSupport, Would you be able to get back to Charlie Keene on this issue? Thanks!

cc: @memrisematty @BeaTrisy

(Tgriffin8066) #11

I have the same issue with the Grammarbot; it keeps repeating 3 grammar lessons. I’ve completed German 5 and have just finished German 7, and the issue persists. Like Charlie Keene, I would expect that Memrise support would acknowledge the issue and, even better, provide a fix for the issue. I’m now questioning why I paid for the Pro upgrade.

(Baite) #12

@MemriseSupport @memrisematty @BeaTrisy : May I ask you if you were possibly be able to respond? Ot tell me at least how and to whom I should address this issue. Thank you for your kind response!

(Ejc2s) #13

I have the same issue in Japanese 3 - all I ever get is the same Chatbot and Grammarbot sessions, over and over, even though I get everything correct each time.

(Alter8) #14

In practice, there is no real Grammarbot so it should be in BETA as an option.

It’s really annoying that it cycles the three all the time.

(Bl Brunetti) #15

I’m seeing the same thing in the Italian 5 course. The grammarbot keeps coming up, and I’ve followed through with the activity at least 10 times, but it’s always the same 3 activities: putting the correct endings on present tense verbs, negating present tense verbs, and asking questions with present tense verbs. Nothing ever seems to move forward in the Grammarbot section, and the 3 activities that I described above are appropriate for a learner at my level. I’m not sure I understand whether this is always the case, or whether I’m missing something.

(Bl Brunetti) #16

Sorry, all! I meant to say above that the 3 Grammarbot activities are INappropriate for a learner at my level.

(Katiejbrown) #18

Would like ti know the answer too…

(Curlew123) #19

Hi there,
I’ve created a new post about this in the Italian language section, and asked for a response - hopefully someone can get back to us about this issue.

(Awy1917) #20

I believe that the reality is that in fact there are only few grammar chats by language. They did not bother to create more . For the German course there are only 3, on the mobile version is clearly visible.
So they can say without lying that “Grammar bot” feature exist , even is is semi useless.

(Danielrwilson) #21

I am so sick and tired of French Grammarbot and Chatbot. I can’t believe I was foolish enough to actually pay for a subscription. If memrise doesn’t make these idiot robots more intelligent, I will bail on memrise and NEVER EVER return. They can keep the money. I suspect their rise to fame will soon be followed by a massive fall from grace.