Grammarbot is stuck in French 1

I have reported this via the website, but reading this I’m not sure where is the right place to report this. It IS a technical issue… I am using an iPod Air with IOS 11.4. I’m in level 12, I think, and when I have done sections on ‘likes’ and the app says “next up Grammarbot” and starts the conversation, it progresses onto material that has not yet been covered… and this same Grammarbot keeps coming back. In a previous level, although it correctly covered material learned, the same Grammarbot kept coming back. Does anyone else find this is happening and is it a bug?

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No, I don’t think so, yet I use an I Phone 6, so the device might be the problem, although a few words weren’t covered. Good thing I know my French :grinning: :fr: :sunglasses:
If you have another device check if the same problem arises with that, I could contact someone( although I’m just an ordinary Memriser)


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I had Grammarbot pop up on my iPad. I thought it was a paid feature so I was surprised to see it (I’m on the free plan). The problem I found with it was you couldn’t see all the sentence in the question. Also two answers for different ‘tenses’ (not sure if that is correct terminology) were the same and I don’t think they were meant to be. Answering was pure guesswork. There was nothing teaching, just a pot luck answer. I thought if this is what you get for paying, why would you?

@beatrisy can you check into this


Now I’m in French 2 and the paid version. I find the Grammarbot structure completely useless for learning. I did one asking me to arrange words to translate English sentences. I invariably got it wrong, but it just moves on to the next sentence! There is no explanation of why it’s wrong, or what is correct.

Do the people creating these lessons have any training in the educational field?

Yeah. Grammarbot can be all over the place.

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Hi! I have a problem with the “Learn with the Locals. “ I keep getting the same exact words and phrases in my French course, such as Oui, Merci, Non. I’m bored silly with it and am regretting that I paid for Pro! Why is it not being updated???

Yes, grammabot just works in French 1

Grammarbot is only for the OFFICIAL courses. e.g. German 2, french 5 etc. @FrancinePoitrasJones, if you keep getting repeats of those words. Just use the “ignore” button. So they won’t show up when you do Learn with Locals.

It should when you learn new words with the learn with locals videos.

During French 4 grammarbot was repeating 3 lessons all the time and now during French 5 it are the same 3 ones! I am paid version on the website. Can someone please help?

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If you want a memrise official to see the problem you have to put @ symbol then a memrise officials username:
@MemriseSupport @MemriseMatty

Happy to help :grin:

Hi Shrew

Just a quick note, I’ve left my role at Memrise around a year ago.

I’m more than happy to engage and have a chat as a fellow language learning enthusiast, but please be aware that I am no longer in a position to support with queries, neither do I have the desire to do so.

Thank you so much for being an engaged member of the community, and I would be more than happy to have conversations over a shared love of the french language.


Apologies, but it’s Sherwi (full username doesn’t fit, also Sherwi is my Surname)

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