Grammar Review

Hi all…
I don’t get it. It tells me that there is no Grammar Review in place, I can live with that, but what I do not understand at all, is why I just cannot repeat the lesson. I’m right at the beginning of Spanish Level 1, and was impressed enough to pay for a month.
Any thoughts…? Thanks all…


They’re too busy mangling the look to implement or finish any really needed features. Sorry

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Hi @david1806, I’m a user too :slight_smile:

Do you use the web version or an app (iOS or android)? The features are a bit different. I only use the web version, so I can only comment on the web version.

When you say “I just cannot repeat the lesson”, would you like to do a classic review? In this case, for the web version, there is a FAQ & Help: “What is classic review?” .

The new versions of some courses (see here) have “grammar mode” (see here), and this includes the initial “Spanish (Spain)” courses.

However, at this time, grammar mode is only available in the app, and it will take a while for the web version to also have this option.


Hi Milamy, and anyone else listening!!

Thanks for the reply. I use the Android app, but I also tried the online version - same thing. Exercises 2,4,6 & 9 are just completely missing, and so when I checked back to the app - it’s all the grammar exercises.

At least with the app, the grammar levels are still there, it still explains the grammatical rule - you just can’t do anything with them. But the web version, they just don’t exist!! It literally goes Exercise 1, then 3, then 4, then 6…!! What is that all about. What if I had decided I only wanted to do it online, and not use the app?
Anyway, I’m not impressed. Like I said, I can kind of live without the review of the exercise, but to not even be able to just repeat it, I just don’t get it. It’s like Mission Impossible - one the exercise is complete it self-destructs.


To be honest I just quit Memrise recently as I found myself stuck not moving forward and lacking material for study, currently I am using books like Language hacking French, You Tube, Pod Casts, and reading books and news, works amazing for learning French grammar and rules, This app lacks allot of features.

Memrise is just naturally inapt for learning grammatical structures. I’ve yet to find an app that teaches grammar. That’s where the books come in (sad but true - I’d prefer an app!).

That said, I’m learning a host of languages and haven’t found any where there wouldn’t be more than enough (community) content/courses that help you with your learning progress. It depends on the language (or subject) you’re aiming to learn, of course.

One option are Memrise courses where you have whole words and you put together the whole sentence from a group of words-- this way you learn the grammar by seeing the patterns over and over. I did one for Tibetan using this technique some time ago – I’m of that opinion that you learn grammar best by just building sentences and the grammar sticks that way.

There are now several apps which are dealing with grammar just fine, I won’t subscribe again until it’s fixed/reimplemented. Overall development of lessons themselves is really disappointing.

Yes, looks like Memrise went down the route of custom content rather then innovative UI for language learning.

Have you tried replacing Grammer Review with another app? It’s just that now it’s the 21st century, and different applications can check your grammar and, if anything, will be able to fix it. For example, I use three grammar applications to. I also use to count the number of letters in my works. Otherwise, I often have problems with this. I often write too large Essays, which is why my teacher usually doesn’t want to accept my work. It isn’t easy for me to express my thoughts briefly. I thought it was good, and teachers like eloquent works. Apparently, this is an exception at my university.