Grammabots and Pro Chats now available on Web

Today we’ve released something on the website that has been available on our apps for the last year… Pro chats and Grammabots! These are currently available on our official Memrise courses for Pro users, and will help you navigate grammar rules within the languages you’re learning, as well as giving you an opportunity to use some of your learning in practice with our bots.

This is a pretty exciting feature that we’re building on all the time, so expect more content for these in the future. It’s also important to point out that this is the first iteration, so we’ll be improving the experience over time as well. However, if you spot anything wrong, or have any niggles that annoy you when you’re using them, then please let us know so we can get them on the list for improvements!

If you are learning on a course that has chats, you’ll be able to see it on your dashboard. As I said, it’s only Memrise courses that these are available and these are only for Pro users. We’ll be releasing more and more languages in the future.

Looking forward to seeing what you folks think.


Thank You!

It shows, that, contrary to believes of many… Memrise still care for the website…

Good … in my humble opinion - the best approach to learn on Memrise is to combine the learning process of both app and web … as they both have different merits :slight_smile:

Anyway :slightly_smiling_face: chatting on web and PC seems more convenient to me - compared to the tiny phone-screen - so thanks.


How often are these refreshed with new content? I am new to Pro, and a reason I subscribed to Pro.
I am moving through levels for French, but I don’t see any new chats in either Grammabot or chatbots.

Thank you.

Obrigada, gracias, grazie mille, makasih, xiexie

i’ve just tried the grammar one for Mandarin - I’ll do it again :smile: Do these grammar “chats” have audio? (and hopefully they are more than 3 sessions,in time; i’ve done 2 grammar chat session , total 3 mins)


Thanks! The chats don’t have audio right now, but this is one of the next things we’ll be putting in (We just added audio on mobile chat in the last few months). There will definitely be more! Also, pro tip: Try the Pro Chats multiple times. They’ve got some branching in them depending what you say, which we’ll be improving on in the future too.


ok, because i took already what seemed the last pill… but i’ve re-done the second grammar chat and had the same… hope the next time i get something else



i just tried the bot for Japanese for German speakers and I got asked: “Also, wie glaubst du heißt sie?” HUH? and the rest was rather the same. Takes one a while to realise the question.

Thank you Memrise team for bringing those features to the web.

However, AFAIK for my Portuguese Brazil courses those bots/chats are not available.

Depending on the user count of those course (I know, only the PT Basic + PT1 are higher, the rest are much lower compared to Spanish and French offical courses) you might want to consider to port them from Portuguese EU/Portugal version to the Brazil variant somewhere in the future?

Would that be much work for your team?

At my current (low beginner) Portuguese stage and learning this language for ~1 year I do not really want to confuse me with starting to hear the European (Portugual) audio and grammar variant…
Maybe somewhere in 2-3 years if my Portuguese BR knowledge is more deep (upper-intermediate/advanced)…

Q1: Where would be the benefits for me using the Memrise grammar bot vs DuoLingo?

Q2: Where are the differences from Memrise Pro chat to Mondly voice chat module?

Unfortunately, I could not yet test Mondly’s voice chat functionality on their web well, because of lower recording quality on my Laptop side which I encounter with their topic conversation modules or my Digital Publishing IntelliSpeech English/French CD and my encountered much lower recording quality.

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now we allegedly got “meet the natives” in web… since that icon came out, no native videos at all while learning, and in fact no meet the natives feature (displaying 1,2 sentences every two weeks is not a feature)

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Is there really only 4 levels to the Grammarbots and 3 in Chatbots? (in the Spanish,Spain course). I paid for Pro hoping for a more expanded version for the grammar, but I’m very disappointed. Or do I just need to get to a certain level to expand these features?

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Looks like they don’t manage to produce enough content. I feel sad for those who took the pro-membership to learn a language and find out the Memrise-made courses are in fact so “poor”. Memrise offers too many courses, make too many “improvements”, but it doesn’t look like they have a plan.
Wonder in fact how many people are working on it. Nobody is so good that they are able to teach German, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese and Korean at the same time.