Got charged my yearly subscription and can't refund

Yesterday (May 13) i canceled my yearly pro subscription, i got charged and can’t refund, when i go to the refund request page it says “you dont have any subscriptions eligible for refund.”, plus when i go to my account it says it expires today.
i have send 4 e-mails by now, all with the same bot-response and they don’t help at all, hope this way i can get some help

(The refund was sent to my account 1 day later even tho i didn’t get an actual response from Memrise)

There’s no excuse for them to ignore your refund request, and the same pattern seems to happen far too often, to too many customers.

If you don’t get a prompt refund after tagging @MemriseSupport, I would strongly suggest you file a complaint with the companies who processed the payment, ie your credit card company, paypal, etc. and the app store, if you bought it through an app store.

I would also strongly urge you to file a complaint with the appropriate consumer protection agency in your area, for example the office of consumer assistance, or office of fair trade, etc. Memrise needs to stop mistreating their paying customers.