Google+ login is logging me into the wrong account! Can't access pro on the web!

(P Harris24) #1

I just bought a pro membership from inside the android app, on Monday. I logged in with Google plus account on the android app, right. So then I go and use the web app later in the week, only to discover that when I login via google+ for that same account, it logs me in to what must’ve been a prior free account! So there is ZERO way for me to login to my pro account on the website! It’s mixed up and there’s no way out of it without intervention from @memrisesupportv . Pretty annoying. I even tried “I forgot my password” and manually entered the Pro accounts username, but it still routed me back to the old free account and username! I TOLD it the username, yet it gave me back to a different username. Help! I want off the rollercoaster. I love Memrise, but if I paid for the pro app, deserve to be able to use it on the website as well as the android app! Thanks in advance. I sent in a ‘contact us’ but of course haven’t gotten a reply and don’t expect that I will soon - looks like people have better results here on the community forum (which by the way, it created from the wrong account again, with an incorrect gravatar that doesn’t even match my google+!) Major criss cross screwup - not sure if it reads cookies and got its wires crossed, but it’s WAY screwed up and I have screenshots from each step along the way.

(P Harris24) #2

Oh yeah - I didn’t mention that I went and checked my Google Play subscription to make sure my phone didn’t purchase pro for the wrong account, and nope, it’s correct. It just double associated my SINGLE google+ account with TWO DIFFERENT memrise accounts.

(Baite) #3

Yes, please, post your screenshots. You might tag memrisesupport for help on this very specific issue.