Goodbye Ziggy

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Speech : 100

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(2016 Arthur Teng) #86

Hi, what is this covent garden that you speak of?

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #87

Some mall I guess.

(2016 Arthur Teng) #88

Anyone else really misses ziggy here? I think I’m gonna create a petition for memrise to bring ziggy back, maybe there can be a compromise where users can choose whether they want to use ziggy as a learning companion, I feel that it was a really cool concept that should be brought back. Like if you agree people! @MemriseMatty

(khx333) #89

You could add Ziggy in as your account picture. Most here felt that Memrise should focus more on language learning features and less on imagery.

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Covent garden is just a fairly small part of london