Goodbye Ziggy

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #41

By the way, the :shield: looks quite dandy.


(Maxine Downunder) #42

I sincerely hope the former levels return. I’d much rather reach the Overlord level than simply
Level 18.

((ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧) #43

Yeah. I miss being my old rank. I dont want to be a “Level 14”. I want to be something else. Apart from Ziggy. See you never…

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #44

Really? Only as an option then I hope, as a nod to veteran users. Those didn’t make much sense then and would make no sense now. They need to be explained to the user as to what they mean and what they refer to, it’s not something you just get just from using the app. It’s was an okayish self-referential joke then - not that well executed with half of them -, when you had mostly English-speaking users and were pushing Mems. They’re outdated now. Level 1-infinity is fine, mouse-dragon is fine, (H)ydrogen-(Og)anesson, maybe for a set of courses in chemistry, is fine, and so on.

A mascot that grows with you is a nice idea. The execution was off. I hope that doesn’t discourage you in the future to continue experimenting with it. Did you experiment with Ziggy while he was around? Did you do redesigns of him or change how and where he was displayed?

Badges are a good idea. Why are those gone again? If I had a learning website, I imagine I would only not have badges if they were somehow patented and I’d be forced to have to find a workaround. Badges aren’t patented are they?

…the leveling is still way off, of course. It shouldn’t take years to get to the next level.

(Céid) #45

Please consider updating the Memrise app for Kindle too.

(DW7) #46

I agree - it’s quick progress initially but slow after that.

Now that it’s a level number and you don’t have to think about making extra characters or inventing names (as in the old system), why not reduce the point gap between levels above about level 13 or 14, and so go up to a higher number?!

Cc @MemriseMatty @Lien

(DW7) #47

@MemriseMatty, I agree, I like the shield or badge and the numbering makes instant sense. I even like how you have positioned the two stars (1-9 then > 9). Well done.


Thank you!

(Dmitrii79) #49

I cannot care less about Ziggy or ratings, but can you fix some real problems first, please? There are a few examples:

  1. Broken synchronization in IOS app: when a course is updated, one has to log out/ log in to get updates
  2. Variants for “Choose answer test” comes from a somewhere outside of a course database - this is annoying. In my course, all words start with lower case letter, but some of the suggested answers start with uppercase.
  3. No way to skip a word in IOS - is it so difficult to add this function?
  4. No way to edit course from IOS. It would be so convenient to add new words on the go.
  5. The broken leaderboard on IOS. It always shows “no connection” error. It is broken since July, is it so hard to fix it?
    This is my list of annoying bugs. See more on this forum!

If nothing changes, I won’t continue my premium subscription and will remove all my courses from Memrise. There are functionally better alternatives, though with a worse design.

(DW7) #50

Hi @Dmitrii79

2 . . . . .In my course, all words start with lower case letter, but some of the suggested answers start with uppercase.

This is most likely the annoying issue of Ghost alternative answers. There are several threads about it and the tedious effort needed to correct or eliminate them - which you may be referring to.

What I think has happened is that whoever created the course had some (or all) entries with a Capital. This is when dummy answers are generated. Someone then has amended the course to all lower case but the dummy UC answers remain. Which rather makes selecting the right answer rather too easy!

The only way to eliminate them is explained in those threads but many people have asked for a “regenerate dummy answers” button to make this easy to overcome.

(DW7) #51

@Dmitrii79, Have you reported the iOS issues as bugs?

(Dmitrii79) #52

It is off-topic, but I don’t see any reason to keep this list of answers pre-generated. It is simple to generate it on the device on fly.

And yes, bugs I have listed all known, there are topics about them:


I’ve submitted some of bugs using internal form (did not get any answers).

(Dmitrii79) #53

Thanks, the script from ”ghost answers” helped. But still, this is s bug that memrise could fix.

(Dobo Bobo) #54

I’m still baffled as to why people are so offended by a character. :thinking:

(khx333) #55

We have reported this bugs multiple times on the iOS bug forum. WIsh there was a real bug database so we could track if someone has looked at the issues. Anyway, anyone using the iOS app would encounter this bugs within a week. They should be fixed.

(Crazy Dave2345) #56

Memrise staff, please read this:

If you could hire or assign a full-time or half-time community manager, the Memrise community can produce many great courses for your company.

(Neoncube) #57

@DW7, You may have already seen this, but I did write a userscript a while ago that adds a button that fixes the phantom entries issue. Obviously userscripts aren’t for everyone, but it’s there if you need it :slight_smile:

(DW7) #58

Thanks but I have no idea how to implement user scripts - is it a DOS command? Guidance would be appreciated.

(Iwfl) #59

Hi Dobo_Bobo,
It’s not about the character. Memrise lost it’s soul. Ziggy was only the nail in the coffin.

There are so many flash card/spaced repetition/language apps, but Memrise made it fun and effective, and had something special, which all of use liked and which made it so much better than all those other apps.

Spaced repetition works only if you do it every day, else the time intervals are messed up. Memrise kept people working every day with streaks, points and funny titles. Streaks are gone, points are broken, and the funny titles have been replaced by Ziggy. That’s why people got worked up about Ziggy…

(Dobo Bobo) #60

Hi iwfl

Thank you very much for taking the time to explain. I now completely see the point of view of fellow learners who are not happy. Thus, I’m now thinking I would of benefitted being signed up to Memrise pre-Ziggy.

In years gone by I have tried to learn languages but I have failed. With so many apps, YouTube videos, and podcasts available it feels like there has never been a better time to learn a language, so I really want to be successful on my third attempt. I don’t regret signing up to Memrise but it really does sound like the older version that Memrise had would of been exactly what I need. :neutral_face: