Go here to request tags for your topic or to ask that your post be made into a Wiki

Spin-off from here:

Existing tags are here: https://community.memrise.com/tags/

If you want to add a tag that doesn’t exist yet to a topic, leave a comment here with a link to the topic. Alternatively, send a pm to one of these users.

Please do the same if you want to have your post made into a wiki.

Can you add Bulgarian please? :sunflower:

Bulgarian already has its own category (which that topic is in), so I don’t think it needs a separate tag. Do you agree?

Somewhere else I wrote:

I don’t really know how these things work, but I looked at the tag list and didn’t see Bulgarian hence the request, but yes - it’s got it’s own category so no need I guess. cheers

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Problem is, I only think of what the right tags should be when I make a post. When I can’t set the tag, it’s frustrating, but I don’t have time to go request a tag separately and then come back and add it. I just make the post and forget what tags would’ve been good for it.

This topic wasn’t there for you to conveniently request tags before. Now it is, so if you really want to add tags now it only takes a minute to request it. Quicker if you have this topic bookmarked and know about ctrl+v.

Not every user being able to create their own tags is pretty much how the internet works. Go to stack-exchange, your favorite porn website, or anywhere else and you can usually only choose from pre-existing tags.

Also with now just a few regulars and leaders being able to create tags, there is still a significant learning curve. Imagine the mess if everyone was able to create tags. They wouldn’t look through the tags already available and would just create their own almost every time. That would be bad.

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Would someone make this course forum [Course Forum] Spanish Duolingo Words & Spanish Duolingo Words 2 by oowowaee into a wiki please?

@duaal, that link gives me an “access denied” message.

I tried this Howto: Shorten Course Forum URLs
Strangely it works just fine for me.

Don’t know about that. I’ve made the post into a wiki.

Thanks, also for the swift response.

I’m working on a couple courses that should be tagged “accounting”. Additionally, there are several existing courses in the Business & Finance group that could be tagged with accounting, too.