Global leaderboard

The global leaderboard is not available today.

I tried to open right now, it opens but does not show any leaderboard, just an empty memrise page.

It’s an ajax response error, apparently the server-side code broke or they deliberately disabled it. Honestly that leaderboard could be better… It would be more useful and efficient if it just showed the first hundred people, your place at the bottom and disallowed loading any more of it. Hopefully they are working on something new.

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i don’t see what is better about that kind of display. whatever,…

that “global leaderboard” was over the years the source of much dismay to many users - cheaters etc. I think, as long as memrise does not find a method to keep the game fair, there should be no “global leaderboard” at all.


It would be better in the way that you didn’t have to keep loading and scrolling to see your position, given that you are just starting or have few points, like most people here on Memrise. You are right, it doesn’t actually matter, but it certainly can give positive reinforcement to some people.

I like to look at the global leaderboard now and then, and it would certainly be nice if I could see my own position there without scrolling 20K+ users down :slight_smile:

Good riddance.


I was in the top 600 … it is disappointing not to see how I go


It looks like it’s been permanently disabled. Yet another good feature gone from Memrise, it’s too bad. I’m nowhere near the top anymore, but it was interesting to see my own position in relation to the entire Memrise population as opposed to being limited to the people I’m “following” (a number which itself is limited, and I cannot follow new people). It’s also a shame that the people who are putting in the billions of hours to get to the top don’t get any site-wide recognition for it. Even for a mediocre “player” like me, the element of competition is one of the things that was appealing about Memrise. So… I do still enjoy competing to see whether I can get into the top 20 or so in competition with my original “competitors,” but I’d like to see the global leaderboard become available again.


Moved to Web Bugs.

Seeing that the global leaderboard was never touted as a supported feature of Memrise, and this topic has been open for 2 weeks, and nobody from Memrise commented on it, I suspect that it’s not a bug.

My guess is that they decided that computing the leaderboard scores used resources that could be put to better uses, encouraged cheaters and people gaming the system, and fomented strife among users, causing hard feelings, with no real benefit, either to the users or to Memrise.

I don’t do mind reading, or don’t feel like doing that now :no_mouth: This is a thread about a thing disappearing without notice, that should go into web bugs. At the moment Memrise staff confirms it is not a bug it can be moved.

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You can use my helmet.:wink:

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Well, I constantly analysed the leaderboard to benchmark how many points I could make, I didn’t care - anymore - if people were cheating or not, it motivated me.
But now it forced me to transcend this mundane limitation, and look within myself for inspiration.
In the beginning it was hard, very hard…
But now after much meditation and religious guidance I actually found the missing piece, or so I thought.
I needed a special beverage to unlock my inner chakras.
Well, I couldn’t drink coffee like normal people, it was bad for my gut.
Then I went on searching for herbs and what-not…
I searched the whole world, then while the rain droplets of the Peruvian Jungle hit my skull, I had an epiphany!

  • "I am in the wrong place."
    Then I went to Paraguay, the natives were very welcoming, they presented to me some kind of beverage, cold beverage that is, made with Yerba Mate, which had similar properties to coffee and yet was more practical and tastier than coffee, and it could contain several other types of herbs, like mint.
    Well, in the end I didn’t find what I was looking for, but this beverage really helps with the heat.

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I thought that “top secret” list was the one we were talking about here. It was a ranking of everyone on Memrise, with top scores for the week, month, and all-time high. Right now there might as well not be any points at all, since there’s no way to compete with other people except for an incomplete list that doesn’t reflect the actual makeup of the population of Memrise. So the scores are somewhat meaningless, unless you really get inspired by competing against yourself and the 10 other people showing on the dashboard. You know, it’s not really all that important, and I’m kind of ranting here in order to avoid something else I should be doing, so I’ll just shut up now.

I was slightly disappointed with this because it was fun to see me get into the all-time top 1,000. Which was a small goal for me. But, honestly the points system for me is a strange metric to display. Especially because some languages have a lot of cognates, some people use multiple choice tests…etc. So, my points are hard to compare to the overall user-base. It is somewhat de-motivating for me actually, because even when I learned 50-100 words per day I still never managed to crack the top 250 weekly leaderboard… and I was on here for 4 hours a day!

I think at the course level, it is a much more interesting metric to show the number of words you currently have “mastered” which is some arbitrary cut-off point of “x days until review”. Because that is truly what I am after. I want to see how many people “finished” the course, keep up with it, etc. These types of statistics motivate me more . Because if someone has a 50% recall rate on a course, they will accumulate more points over time than someone with a higher recall rate, like 80% (though I could be wrong, I think this is true). Or, people re-starting courses to farm points… etc. etc.

There are no signs that the official global leaderboard will ever return, so I move this topic back to General Discussion.

Nicely put :slight_smile: And that’s exactly why I actually miss the Grand Leaderboard: when I first joined Memrise a little over three years ago, I had two goals: I wanted to learn Swedish (not only by Memrise, might I add, but in a way supplemented by Memrise) and I wanted to be an Overlord.

Well, still not there, but probably (hopefully) sometime later this year. And it was an absolute joy to see my way up, to make the top 400, the top 200, the top 100, and finally appearing on the first page of the global leaderboard.

Well, it is gone now, and I understand the unsaid, implied argument for it (and now I’m in the top 30 on this list instead of top 50, so yay, I guess) but I can’t help being a bit sorry for the loss.