Glitching when starting a new session

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  • Description of the issue: *There is no error message but every time i start a new session, there will always be a glitch that skips cards without me pressing anything, and causing me to miss out some words while learning. This happens only on my phone, regardless of the courses.

  • Iphone 13 pro max

  • los 16.1.1

  • 2023.2.6

  • Every time i begin a new session.

  • cant upload the screen capture video to show the glitch. But basically it jumps a card (the same as pressing next) without me pressing anything.

Hi @shhhimstudying05 thanks for reporting this. Just a couple of questions to help with reproducing this:

  • What courses are you encountering the issue on?
  • Is it happening when you are learning words, or reviewing? (Or both)