Hi all,
Confused about how the profile pictures disappear when you go on your profile. Has Discourse changed in a weird way? Or is it just a bug? Screenshot below, Would like if I could get a response soon!

PS: Sorry for my inactivity lately. Been busy. :wink:

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a response RESPONSE!

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Hello Marshall. I missed you, I’m glad you’re back :slight_smile:
I use chrome (web version) and the figure next to the name also does not appear for me (on the forum profile page). I think it was about 2 weeks ago that it stayed that way. I noticed that the forum page was down for a few minutes at this time and then stayed that way until today.

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Hi @MarshallLanguages, I can see your profile and background etc.

You can see your own if you click on “Expand”.

If not, there may be a problem.

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Hi @DW7 :slight_smile:

At first, I also thought that Marshall was talking about the figure of the profile that appears at the top of the screen, but then I realized that it was the small figure, which stood next to the people’s names (on the forum profile page). Before the icon appeared, as it appears in the forum.


EDIT: I found an old print from my profile page where the icon appeared:

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You are right @Milamy (and @MarshallLanguages),

It’s NOT on the “Top Replies”, “Top Topics” or “Most Replied To”.

Neither is it on “Notifications” .

I think the Forum is run by another company and they have probably had a revision!


@Milamy, You’re right! The company is Discourse. I may ask an Admin to see if they know.

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Greetings, I 've came back from a rapid concentration on racking them good points, haven’t had lots of time lately.
I’ve noticed the same thing happened to me, so it is definitely a bug or some weird update to the forum that had no warning.
PS: I might not reply for a while, busy getting to 3 mill.

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Hi. Did you notice that the little icons next to the person’s name (from the profile page) reappeared as they were before? :wink:


Yes. Indeed I did. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s ok now, sorted itself out. Woohoo. Thanks for your help guys. :sunglasses: