German word frequency in Calvin und Hobbes

for those interested, I ran analysis of all words in the first book of Calvin and Hobbes (auf Deutsch). Interesting vocab indeed! : ) I’m doing research on Zipf’s law and using comic books as my material, but thought I share this. Just so you know… the first 100 most common words account for 51% of the entire reading!
The lst by the way is unedited. Could be some typo’s here and there.

Calvin und Hobbes:
Different words counted: 2.892
Total words: 11.336
Total characters: 71.091
Characters per word: 4.8
Total lines: 1.446
Total sentences: 1.942
Words per sentence: 5.8


Was Sabbert da unterm Bett?:
Different words counted: 3,226
Total words: 13,797
Total characters: 85,047
Characters per word: 4.8
Total lines: 1,559
Total sentences: 2,265
Words per sentence: 6.1


All books combined:
Different words counted: 4,931
Total words: 25,132
Total characters: 156,133
Characters per word: 4.8
Total lines: 3,005
Total sentences: 4,207
Words per sentence: 6.0

it is also worth noting that JK.R’s first Harry Potter book, the Sorcerer’s stone is 77,000 words with roughly 6,000 of them being unique. In comparison to a 120 page Calvin and Hobbes comic book, you make the guess what is more efficient in becoming proficient in a language. :stuck_out_tongue:


Completed second book. Working on third.

What would be great would be if somebody got interested in this enough to make a deck of these words to go along with the reading…