German -> Russian - Kirillic and Latin letters are unclear

Sometimes the app ask for words written in latin sometimes for words written in kirillic letters. Its unclear which version the app ask for AND the latin versions are useless in this stadium nobody needs the latin versions.

This would be very helpful if you improve this.

Hi @ulftramsen,

Thank you for your comment. You have a very valuable point and we will definitely consider it for the further updates.
Best of luck

I discovered that the main problem is, that ios dont shows the right keyboard automatically. So I have to switch - but I dont know which keyboard the app wants kirrillic or latin. My friend use android - there it works correctly.
Its a bug.



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Hello, Memrise App-Russian 1 for German on my Galaxy A10 shows all russian words in latin letters. It makes me crazy! How can I fix it? Please help…

@aniretake, I’m sorry to hear you have this problem. Could you please send us screenshots with a detailed description of the issue to so we can better undertand the nature of the issue. Thank you. Best regards, Pavel.

I’ll add @pavel70 who is Memrise’s Russian language specialist. He should be able to help.