German declination/declension. How do you cope simply?

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I follow this course to help me :

How about you ? Do you have techniques or easy charts ?

This page is also quite good :

Do you have some rules you made up for yourselves and would share here?

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Looking for course that focuses squarely on declensions?

I will copy myself: experience.

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I’d like to think that as I speak, it comes naturally but I’m not sure that’s the case.

I guess there is a music to learn with that language, so, many repetitions but mostly a lot of listening… immersion is the key?


Speaking! Yes! And reading, I presume!
After a while it will be natural to us. A brain is a miraculous thing!

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I am working on a course for French speakers, could someone check the grammar on this :slight_smile:

Mein Vater gibt dem Hund des Mannes einen Knochen
Mon père donne au chien de l’homme un os.

Meine mutter gibt der Präsidentin der Regierung eine Blume
Ma mère donne à la présidente du gouvernement une fleur

Mein Kind gibt dem Pferd des Mädchen ein Blatt
Mon enfant donne au cheval de la fille une feuille

Meine Eltern geben den Kinder der Cousine Süssigkeiten
Mes parents donnent aux enfants des cousins des friandises

I will add the same phrases with adjectives soon

(Sir Cemloud) #6

Mein netter Vater gibt dem netten Hund des netten Mannes einen grossen Knochen
Meine nette mutter gibt der netten Präsidentin der neuen Regierung eine rote Blume
Mein nettes Kind gibt dem netten Pferd des netten Mädchens ein grünes Blatt
Meine netten Eltern geben den netten Kinder der netten Cousine rote Süssigkeiten

Are those correct too?

Here is the course, I have not openly published it yet. Any comment from anyone.
It is German > French though.

(Karsukumai) #7

I have three corrections for you:

“Mutter” with capital M

A “s” at the end is missing: "des Mädchens"
Maybe only a typo? The adjective version is correct: “des netten Mädchens”

Here it’s the “n”: "den Kindern"
or: “den netten Kindern”

I hope that helps.

(Sir Cemloud) #8

Of course it does. Thank you :fireworks:

@karsukumai, could you actually give me some pointers on those “s” and “n” in the genitive case?

(Karsukumai) #9

Hehe, good question, next question? :grin:

To be honest I had to look it up myself.

Here are some rules:
The genitive case requires the ending „s“ or „es“ for masculine und neuter nouns. Feminine nouns stay as they are. Your example “die Regierung” is feminine -> no “s” but “das Mädchen” is neuter (how crazy that may ever sound) so the genitive is “des Mädchens”.
“Den Kindern” is dative and plural though, therefore it requires the “n” ending.

I found these rules on the website:
Perhaps you want to have a look at it because there are much more rules to consider and I found it’s all pretty well explained there.