German 6: "Verdächtige"

I think the masculine form should be “der Verdächtiger” instead - “der Verdächtiger; die Verdächtige”.

No, it shouldn’t.

It’s an adjective used as a noun. Word forms for the masculine noun:


Sorry to break in (as an excuse: “der Verdächtige” is absolutely correct :wink: ).

@duaal the screenshot looks quite like Leo which is my favourite dictionary by far for a bunch languages.
However, it doesn’t translate NL<->DE.

What are you using?

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That is indeed Leo. I don’t use it very often but they moved that grammar guide there a few years ago.

For German I mostly use, linguee or wordreference for quick reference from English. Sometimes I use, but from Dutch it is not that accurate.

(I’m not actively learning at the moment. Just got back from hospital)


Oh, so you probably didn’t use it with NL<->DE but rather EN<->N or something elseL. Too bad. :slight_smile:


Most dictionaries I use from English because they’re less complete and less reliable from Dutch.

From Canoonet. I really liked that site. Canoonet – Wikipedia

@duaal @Olaf.Rabbachin

Thanks for the comments. I started this thread because I saw “Verdächtiger” on Wiktionary:ächtiger#German

Uncommon usage, maybe?

It’s correct if you use it in combination with the indefinite article but not with the definite article.
You probably won’t see it very often.ächtiger

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Further to what @duaal wrote: “Verdächtiger” is absolutely correct when used as in i. e. “ein Verdächtiger wurde von der Polizei aufgegriffen” (“a suspect was seized by the police”).