German 6 Typing in answers - die Übung

Since I have an American Laptop, I cannot easily use an umlaut.
Typing in an answer such as, die Übung and having to use the “Ü” in uppercase for it to “Green light” it for the answer, is not an option. Maybe have a button to the side of the given umlaut characters where you can uppercase it would be a solution.



I use these a lot, just FYI:

  • ß = alt + 0223.
  • ä = alt + 0228.
  • ö = alt + 0246.
  • ü = alt + 0252.
  • Ä = alt + 142.
  • Ö = alt + 153.
  • Ü = alt + 154.
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Hi, another option would be for the course creator (@memrisesupport) to type the following into the Edit Column/testing, Keyboard Characters box for each of the seven courses:


I estimate that making these edits would take a total of a few minutes and would make the official German courses significantly more usable.

An example from one of my courses after clicking on Ü from the Characters box:

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of course, to point out the obvious, the ideal solution would be to type this on the keyboard, ie for you to have a German keyboard layout you can switch to…