German 5000 words glitch

I’m doing the 5000 German Words course. Something has gone wrong with this since the last update. My translations of the English into German are constantly being marked wrong, even for basic words, I know 100% I’ve typed right and have double checked for typos. These words are getting added to the ‘difficult words’ list, so I’m constantly having to repeat vocabulary I already know, rather than learning new words. When I type a German word correctly, I get an indication from the app that it’s wrong and then Memrise shows me the ‘correct translation’ which is exactly as I’ve just typed it! Frustrating!

It has been pointed out that the English singular words need to be translated to both singular & plural forms in German to be accepted as correct. There was no way of knowing this. It would be helpful if the English words were also shown as singular & plural, so that you would know that you had to answer with German translations in both forms.

Hi @glynsexton, which German 5000 course are you working on?

It’s called “5,000 German Words (top 87%)”