German 2 482/486 words, but no more words to learn

As the title reads. I finished this course, and it says so on the app, but I still get the prompt to learn new words, especially when I’m online, and then get this message:

“Could not load the session. Sorry. Please see this support page for more details”

Are there actually four words that I cannot access for some reason? Does it have to do with the grammar?

This problem has been fixed for most courses from what I remember.

I’ll tag @MemriseSupport and @JBorrego, they could check and might be able to shed some light on this.

I’m having a similar problem on my German 1 course. I have 9 words to go, but I have already learned all of the grammar topics on the app. Regardless, every time I try to “learn new words” it brings up an error message.

It’s a problem with the grammar. The number of missing words is related to the number of ‘words’ connected to the grammar lessons. It’s maddening.

(And, in general, the lack of support and training on the grammar front is extremely disappointing. I like that the app is set up so that grammar is introduced subtly, in the background, and we learn usage before rules … but at some point the grammar actually needs to be taught. It’s by far the biggest problem with the Memrise ‘official’ courses. … The fact that there’s basically no grammar training at all after the first two levels is really quite ridiculous!)