German 1 Courses Error

About 469/477 completed on the official German 1 Course. If I try to click Learn New Words it prompts “Could not load the session. Sorry.” error then closes. Anybody experience this one?

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Hi @Rj_Lopez5 :slight_smile:

Please read the following post because it is the same type of problem as yours: Invalid 'words learned'

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I am having the same problem. I get the same message when trying to learn new words in German 1 and also German 2.

For German 1 I have “469 / 478 words learned” (just like yours)
For German 2 I have “475 / 479 words learned”

For German 1, I spent 45 minutes doing other exercises today and when “Learn New Words” came up naturally, it never allowed learning new words - giving the same error as when I picked manually.

My comments above were using a computer (Chrome Browser on a Mac). The experience on the iPhone was the “Learn new words” was always grayed-out and so could not be chosen.

But the next day I explored more on my iPhone and found that in the list of circles (indicating the degree of completion) for each part of the course all were complete except the grammar lessons. I began ignoring the grammar lessons early on in the course since I found them to be a useless waste of time.

So on the iPhone app, I completed the grammar circles and once I did the German 1 course gave a message “Course completed”. I then repeated for German 2 and it too completed.

However, when I came back to my computer afterwards, it still says I have 468/478 for German 1 and 475/479 for German 2 – and neither course shows as complete. I even cleared the cache and cookies in the Chrome browswer. Yet, after logging in again, there was no difference and I still could not “learn new words”.

Clearly there’s a bug here.