German 1 - Cannot "Learn New Words"

I’ve been gone for about a year and have started reviewing German 1.

I’m using the Beta version, since it’s what was there when I logged back into Memrise.

I started by using the review function, exited, came back, worked my way back through all of my problem words, then, when it came time to go to the “Learn New Words” module, it finds a problem and sends me back to the last module.

I’m working on a Win 7 desktop, using Chrome.

I did not see this bug listed. I’ll add a screenshot next time I run into the problem.

Hi @keeganbray35, I believe the issue you are describing is Grammar sections show up as not done even after completing on mobile - #3 by Lyklar. Please see the thread for details on how to resolve this :slightly_smiling_face: