Genial vs. increíble confusion 😕

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I’m currently studying the Spanish 1 and A1 Spanish courses on Memrise and the words genial and increíble are causing me confusion. Perhaps you can help clarify things here?



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google speak more or less nonsense (and that very often) (Real Academia Espanola)


Del lat. geniālis.

  1. adj. Propio del genio o inclinación de alguien.

  2. adj. Placentero, que causa deleite o alegría.

  3. adj. Sobresaliente, extremado, que revela genio creador.

  4. adj. Magnífico, estupendo. U. t. c. adv.

  5. m. vulg. Ar., Cantb. y Sal. Genio, índole, carácter.

increíble ( in +creíble)

Del lat. incredibĭlis.

  1. adj. Que no puede creerse.

  2. adj. Muy difícil de creer.

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Hi @mejpark,

Like @Hydroptere, I wouldn’t trust Google too much for translation/definition!

I review course-by-course and try to remember which course uses which translation but, even then, I also still often get caught out with “increíble” and “genial”, and with “estupendo”, “fantástico” and “grandioso”, too.

As with English, they each have their ´hard´definitions but also have different meanings depending on useage. I find this site helpful:

@Hydroptere Thanks for your reply. The RAE is the authoritative source for a definition, but I don’t know enough Spanish to read these definitions at this time. But I will take Google’s ‘translations’ with a pinch of salt in future!

@alanh Does SpanishDict! cater for students of Castilian Spanish?


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Thanks for clarifying, @alanh. :+1:t3: