General Question [“Learn With Locals” video]

Hi, i am new with Memrise. So i am wondering if the memrise will have the video aid support with real person all the way until last level? I am planning on subcribing the annual plan

If you are working on an official Memrise course and you saw a “Learn With Locals” video then I suppose you should see the videos through all 7 courses. At least all the official courses that I worked through had them either throughout all or none of them!

However, since you seem to be learning Japanese: I can’t really tell as I myself haven’t worked through those courses.

Edit: Please note that I was wrong: there are courses such as Japanese where LoL is not available throughout all 7 course-parts!


Hi @riedzmanprivate :slight_smile:

You can check which courses have “learn with locals” in the Memrise FAQ. Link:

Although it is written that the Japanese course has “learn with locals” in courses 0-3, I checked it now, and courses 4 and 7 already have this modality. So, only courses 5 and 6 do not have “learn with locals”, at least on this date.


Yikes, something new! Isn’t it that the “Learn With Locals” tour was a Kickstarter project which ended with that project? Or do you guys still add new videos, @MemriseSupport?

Also: I just attempted to get updates for the LwL-page.

However, even though I’m already logged in, the page always gives me this error message upon logging in with my Memrise credentials:

I see that the login-page refers to Do we really need a third login or is it that the link is no longer valid or there is a missing link between the sites? Could you check this, please?


Hi Olaf, thanks for spotting this! This is indeed a login page for Zendesk which should only be available to staff. We’ll work to have the option to Follow articles removed for now as we don’t support it for end-users. Sorry for the confusion!

We have recorded new videos for a selection of courses (courses 1 & 2 on Spanish, French, Italian, English, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian) a few years ago - but the bulk of them on more advanced courses (3+) are still the ones recorded during the Membus tour.

We do have videos on Japanese courses 4 and 7 as Milamy says, but please note that these are a very limited amount compared to previous courses :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this clears any confusion. For more information on Learn with Locals, please do check the FAQ above as it’s now updated.