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(Ora9) #41

Two more things:

  1. The sentence starting with " Ich saß gerade an den Aufgaben, als ich plötzlich zusammenbrach!" in text has " Ich saß gerade an den Aufgaben, als ich plötzlich zusammengebrach!" in audio.

  2. In “Das ist eine gute Geschichte über uns, wenn sie kein Ende hat! Solche Geschichten mag ich am leibsten! Gute Nacht, Kumpel!” - it should obviously be “am liebsten”, both in text and in audio.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

(Ora9) #42

Me again, two more things:

  1. Die Leute sagen doch immer, wenn sie moderne Kunst betrachten: ‘‘Das könnte mein Sechs-Jähriger auch!’’ - audio funny at the end. :wink:
  2. Die traditionalle einseitige Blickwinkel ist abgelegt worden! Die Perspecktive ist gebrochen! - shouldn’t it be “traditionelle”, with an E, not A, and “Perspektive”, without the C?

(Redux2) #43

Die traditionalle einseitige Blickwinkel ist abgelegt worden!
I didn’t got it. Never heard such a sentence.
Very strange German.

(Geil) #44

Ora9, give me a few days to fix the audio. I am away from that computer for a while Spezi.

You have to read the comic to understand the context completely. I would have to go back to back to find out which book this one came from, but I believe this is referring to space time being broken from a narration pov.

(Irridmemorizza) #45

@Ora9, @redux2

"Der traditionelle einseitige Blickwinkel ist abgelegt worden!

Die Perspektive ist gebrochen!"

Das würde schon Sinn machen.

(Ora9) #46

Yes, you’re right! Didn’t notice that one!

@Geil NP for the audio, I’ll just be reporting them as I run into them, but no rush.

That said, the last sentence on lvl 6 is: “Ich brauche keine Eltern! Alles, was ich brache, ist ein Band, das sagt: ‘‘Geh Draußen spielen’’”. Should be “was ich brauche”, both in writing and audio.

(Geil) #47

Finally made it back to my computer with the ivona license. All is fixed. Thanks for your patience.

(The Four Gated Danzig) #48

Level two of the b1/b2/c1 course

der Vorsitzende

should be chairmAn


(Geil) #49

Thanks fixed!

(Ora9) #50

“Die Jagt ist nur halb so spannend, wenn die Beute so kurze Beine hat.” Shouldn’t it be “Jagd”?

(Geil) #51

Got it! Fixed.

(The Four Gated Danzig) #52

Level 3 of the B1/2/c1

cropped (trapped)
to torture

It seems like all of these words have their audios mixed up

(Geil) #53

Thanks! Already fixed for ya!

(The Four Gated Danzig) #54

takk skal du ha!

(The Four Gated Danzig) #55

redensarten 1

should say gib gummi - (no e)


(Geil) #56

Done! Danke.

(Ora9) #57

“Genau. Das ist mein nauer Name für den Rest meines Lebens” - shouldn’t it be “neuer Name”? (both text and audio)

(Geil) #58

fixed! Danke.

(Geil) #59

a sneak preview of my Austrian course. I think Baas (I think I got the name right) deleted his. And the one other Austrian course is actually 95% straight up German German. I’m using my ‘‘Wie sagt man in Österreich’’ book by Duden mostly as reference.

(Ora9) #60

What happened to the links to all your other courses, like the Calvin & Hobbes and other comics? Now when I look at the first post, I only see Deutsch for B2/C1/C2 and Österreiches - I thought this was where you listed all the courses you’ve made?

Edit: I don’t even see them when I check the list of courses you’re teaching, even though the Calvin and Hobes course (German Sentences 1) still works for me.