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(Ora9) #21

Great, thanks! :slight_smile:

Another funny one: “Ich habe’ vergessen, Kaptiel Fünf für die Schule morgen zu lesen.” There is a typo in the text, it should be “Kapitel”, but the audio also sounds as if she’s saying “Kapital”, with an A - or maybe I’m hearing things?

(Guyfawkes) #22

Found a mistake. Pariser- Persians which should be Parisian.

(Geil) #23

The program absolutely freaks out if I write Kapitel. It just can’t come close to pronouncing it.

(Geil) #24

good catch but I actually intended that to be Parisians. People that live in Paris. Fixed the English translation.

(Ora9) #25

Oh, then just the typo. :slight_smile: Capital it is, then. Put it next to the sentence with Marx, I guess. :wink:

(Geil) #26

haha yep.

this is a course I have been keeping under wraps for awhile. I think since you really like audio, you will love it. Let me know how you like it. I think it would be great for people that remember better by hear than writing.

(Ora9) #27

Hmmm, quite interesting. Definitely not bad as an idea (and I really do appreciate that you’ve shared it!), but, alas, I have some other preferences as well that this course doesn’t quite meet. I’d use it for some additional help at a leisurely pace, but definitely not as a primary course, and here’s why.

  1. I really dislike alphabetical lists. They just seem artificial to me, like I’m learning a dictionary by heart, which I’d never do in my right mind. I prefer lists by some sort of subject.
  2. I find audio and writing equally important. Thus, this course would be good for me as an addition to another one, but I would never want to learn new words without knowing how they’re written. I’d strongly recommend you to add the written German in one of those columns that pop up after you’ve picked the correct answer. So, once the audio is correctly guessed, the learner is reminded of the spelling as well.
  3. In this incarnation, nouns are given without articles, which makes it next to impossible to know the gender if there isn’t a giveaway ending. I think it would be much more useful to put them with articles. (Both 2 and 3 are, thus, relevant pieces of information that I’d have to personally look up elsewhere if I wanted to learn the words properly.)
  4. Generally, I prefer courses with sentences and phrases that help me get the hang of grammar and spoken language, not just pure word lists (though I’d swallow that one given that audio is the focus here); I simply don’t feel that I’ve truly learned a word if I don’t get any examples of how it would be used in a normal context.

Again - those are simply my preferences, and you might like or find useful something else entirely.

(Geil) #28

This is a dictionary actually. : ) I find there are plentiful amount of courses that group by subject or theme. There are a lot of top 100 or 5000 or 1000 courses. One of the things I noticed that what stumps people the most when speaking a new language as a beginner or even a skilled novice, is that they struggle with what they want to say and more importantly they struggle with what they are hearing. I did not want to make a course where it focuses on grammar, such as spelling or the article. I wanted to make a course that focuses on one specific thing, and that is hearing. I also wanted to make a course that is more comprehensive than top 87% etc. Because the aim of this course is more than likely going to hit 25k words when done. Typing the words out will be impossible. Or very very unpleasant. I also wanted a course where anybody can jump in from beginner to expert and learn right away. Also, I don’t have a good way to add the words in there. This is a memrise fault. The program will want to test you on the words rather than the audio if I add that column:

Edit: What do you think of translating comics? I mean as in seeing the picture, then translating it.

(Ora9) #29

Oh, I didn’t mean the “top x” courses, they’re mostly dreadfully useless. But I don’t think a beginner will have much use for words such as “Aal”, “aasen” und “abarbeiten”, for example. Sure, they can learn them, but they won’t benefit too much from them while they’re still beginners.

As for adding the written words, I think you can, just don’t call the column “German”. Call it “writing”, “spelling” or whatever that Memrise doesn’t recognise as the other language, and set it to pop up after input.

What do I think about it in which way? As in - would I do it, or…?

Btw., in lvl 2 you have the sentence “Um Himmels willen, was machst du da? Wo sind deine Aufgeben?” Shouldn’t it be “Aufgaben”? Though this could be a nice pun… have you given up on your homework? :wink:

(Gingersmom) #30

I am enjoying your Deutsch for B1/B2/C1 course. I found an error in the English translation.

der Schulleiter = principal (not principle)

(Geil) #31

Thanks much appreciated. Fixed!

(Ora9) #32

A typo in the German that got transferred to the audio as well: “Tur mir Leid. Sie müssen sich verwählt haben. Auf wiederhören.” Obviously, it should be “Tut mir leid”, with a T, and I don’t think “leid” should be capitalised, while you’re at it. (There are some other typos just with capitals, I haven’t been reporting them since they don’t stand out as much, but I can if you want me to.)

Keep up the good work!

(Geil) #33

Changed to leid since it is more common and Leid is archaic. I don’t doubt it. I kinda rushed typed this.

(Gingersmom) #34

Hi, According to and several other dictionaries I checked, zweitfellos = doubtless, undoubted (not doubtful)

(Ora9) #35

Ummm… there’s no better way of putting this… have you listened to the audio for “…oder seh ich dann zu aufmerksam auf?” (last item on lvl 2) before uploading it? :smiley:

(Geil) #36


(Ora9) #37

We have “Aber nein! Ich habe mir nur etwas kreavtive Freiheit erlaubt”. Extra V in “kreative”, both in the text and the audio.

(Gingersmom) #38

Hi Geil,

A couple errors (typos) in the English translation:

hinausgeragt = jutted out (not jotted out)
die Menscheit = humanity, humankind

Erwähnt (mentioned) should start with lower case “e”

Thanks :grinning:

(Ora9) #39

We have wrong audio for “Nein! Das ist idiotisch! Ich weigere mich!” It also starts with “nein”, but otherwise it’s a completely different sentence.

(Ora9) #40

Thanks for fixing it!

In addition, “Das schöne am Urlaub ist auch, dass man die besonderen Augenblicke teilt” has no audio at all. :frowning: