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you seem to like your calvin and hobbes : D


Just FTR, in the first course with sentences, you have a typo in the English part on lvl 1: “Any monters under my bed?” (missing S) :slight_smile:

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Danke! :stuck_out_tongue:

your B1-C1 needs a serious overhaul: see just one example: das Revier:;

it is impossible to find one-to-one translations at this level, for ex umsonst meast often “free of charge” etc

have fun!

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no, yes, no, to the Memrise local troll. And the last time I called you out, you ran away, stopped posting for awhile, then came back and acted like nothing happened. I hope this is not a repeat.

See bottom post. If I was to throw in all the translations, some words would have upwards of 7+ meanings. Though sometimes, I have the same words come up in a different segment of the course with a different meaning, and that is on purpose.

it is impossible to find one-to-one translations at this level, for ex umsonst meast often “free of charge” etc

Again, not an error.
It’s not meant to be a end all be all cover all translations course. Sei nicht albern.

It is a completely randomized word list with or not with their most common translations. I’ll put that in the course description if it prevents you from being you.

Two questions, one concrete, one general.

  1. In the same course and level, you have the sentence “Liebling, kommt du mal einen Moment rauf?”, translated as “Dear, will you come up here a minute?” Shouldn’t it be “kommSt du”?

  2. Could you put the link for this forum topic into the description of your courses? It would make getting there a lot easier.

And yes that is a typo. Thanks!

EDIT: My verb course is just about done. I think it would be the most helpful actually for just about any level learner.


Two typos in the English sentences in level 1:
“Did you watch any tv last yesterday?”
“He is going down! Can he make it? Is this the eind?”

Also, the audio for “Ziemlich blödes Spiel, was?” is dreadful. It sounds like “Ziemlich blödes. Spiel, was?” I know it’s computer-generated, so it can’t be perfect, and there are some others which have some emphasis problems (the 6 million murders on TV come to mind), but this one really hurts my ears. Could you fix it, please?

I tried something else for the audio, but it still slurs blödes. Let me know what you think. I fixed the other issues, thanks for letting me know. Sorry for not seeing this.

Much better, thanks! Out of curiosity, which software/site do you use?
No problem, I forgot to tag you in the first post.

I use TextAloud 3.0 with imported Ivona voices for German.

A few more minor issues from lvl 1, nothing seriously problematic, when you have the time:

  1. German nouns not capitalised:
  • Wir können uns gegenseitig verschlüsselte geheimbotschaften zuschicken!
  • Glaubst du an gespenster?
  • Hilfe! Mein pausenbrot frisst mich bei lebendigem Leib! Geb mir eine Gabel!
  1. No capitalisation at the start of sentence (simply sticks out, since it’s present in the other language):
  • and here comes an inflammable chemical truck!
  • so, ich bin so weit!
  • and what if I drown because nobody was here to rescue me?
  • und wenn ich ihn nicht im Haus benutze?
  1. Intonation strange in German audio:
  • Hier steht, dass die meisten Kinder im Alter von sechs bereits Million Morde im Fernsehen gesehen haben (the pause should logically be after “sechs”)
  • Aber vielleicht hat er von Amerika gehört und träumt davon, in diesem Land der Freiheit und der Möglichkeiten zu leben! (the pause is after “Amerika”, which is unnatural, it would be better after “gehört”)

All the best and keep up the good work!

The reason I stopped adding sentences to this course was because the audio begins to show it’s weakness on these longer sentences. It’s difficult to go back in after adding a big batch and fine tuning it with cheap tricks that only sometimes work.

Do you prefer audio for this? I could add a lot more sentences in a short time otherwise. I’m kinda of impressed how many people still use the course.

I absolutely prefer audio - if there wasn’t any, I probably wouldn’t be using the course. More sentences with audio, even without the fine tuning, would be great. :slight_smile:

NP if you don’t have the time to do it, I’ll stop reporting the audio glitches, then, unless I run into something really terrible, but I doubt it. :wink:

I have time for sure to work on the course. It was enjoyable to find useful sentences out of my comic books. A handful I had to re-translate myself as sometimes American jokes don’t make sense in Germany so the German would change the joke to fit Germany.

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Near the end of level 1, there is the sentence: “Als gieriger Schmarotzer schwirrt er umher und sucht nach verwesendem Fleich!” Should be Fleisch, obviously.

Oh, and also “Ich kann diese Frage nicht beantworten, da sie gegen meine religjöse Überzeugung verstößt.” Another typo, J instead of I in “religiöse”.

All fixed.