Gastly changes

The new changes are meaningless and gratuitous, and make this platform nearly unusable. I see no gain or improvement in what was done. Please return to the previous platform so I don’t waste so much time, and so I can return to learning instead of having to focus on making a dysfunctional platform work, or rather, not work. You have destroyed one of the best learning platforms via change for the sake of change. You will cause your members flee this site en mass because of idiotic changes. No display will fit on either my phone or my computer. I have to waste so much effort just scrolling to even see each presentation. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Please let me know how to unsubscribe and get a refund for what I’ve paid.


Hi there, sorry to hear you don’t like the new changes. Your comments about the new layout will be logged and will inform our future iterations.

For instructions on how to ask for a refund (if eligible) please see:

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Honestly, the ethical thing to do would be add a clause offering a 30-Day MBG of at lease a partial refund for the remainder of the subscription–30 days from the day you force your users over to a dramatically overhauled version of the site which no longer has the functions the person initially bought the subscription for (which feels an awful lot like theft, honestly–I paid for access to the Mems, for example, so I definitely feel completely ripped off by you guys, speaking frankly, since I paid for a year and was only able to access them for a few months). Your whole 30-day MBG “if you qualify” post is pretty condescending considering you know the odds are extremely high that they have had their account way more than 30 days. I mean, come on.


I was only paying to support Memrise because I really didn’t want it to potentially die. But with the recent changes, finally unsubscribed my membership for the first time since 2016.

Usually changes lead to better features. But Memrise team really decided to destroy one of the best language learning platform available for no apparent reason.


I don’t understand. Why would users not even be given the option of choosing their preferred version? Memrise was my learning site of choice because it explained the composition of Chinese characters. Now, however, it takes me much longer to decypher compositions. It was troublesome figuring out how to switch back to the old model and I honestly believe that many of the customers who “chose” the new version simply did not know how to switch back to the old version. The word “meme” is in the site name. It should be obvious not to make the switch.