Garden doesn't load!

Today the garden won’t load at all. Checked in two browsers: the latest Firefox and Edge.


Anyone else having trouble?


It’s been OK for me (so far) today with Firefox.


Also have the same issue - tried a couple of fixes but nothing worked. No web browser works either.

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It seems to be OK here in the UK. Where are you based? That might help the Memrise guys.

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The Netherlands.

We’re looking into this.

If it happens to you, and you know how to, can you look in the web browser tools and copy any Javascript errors or Network tab errors (400 or 500 errors) and paste them in this thread?


It just got back! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope it’s staying.

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Just completed my first session for today without further issues.

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We’ve investigated, and this was caused by a CDN that was down for an external dependency, and has now been working all day.

It’s unlikely to break often, but we’ve made a ticket to move that to being an internal dependency, as it should be, to reduce the scope of problems in future.


@frabcus_memrise: while we’re talking about load problems: can you share any insight as to why Memrise (here: the Android app) seems to be getting slower all the time? This is probably not an app-related thing but rather a server-load-/performance problem, so you might be the right guy.

I’ve posted about this here and @MemriseSupport answered, but - as pretty much always - with the usual “it might eventually be fixed” which is quite depressing as, if you monitor/activate >40 courses each day, the wait time sums up to several minutes (and feels like years!).

Problems like these should really be a top priority and be fixed within a few days IMHO (and my query is already 10d old)!

Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin what @MemriseSupport replied is correct, we are aware of it. While these issues are of high priority indeed, please understand that it some times takes us time to reprioritise things to address some problems.

We are looking into it though and we hope we can have some speed improvements in that area very soon :slight_smile:

These two issues are by the way, totally independent and so are the areas where they occur so please keep them separated. Otherwise it is slightly more difficult to find information threads or to reply in one place only


Cheers, Jesus - good to see you’re still around!

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