Gaming to Help Study Dementia - Sea Hero Quest

Sea Hero Quest is a video game created by Deutsche Telekom working in collaboration with leading dementia researchers to collect data that will allow for earlier diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

The game is available for iOS and Android devices in the app stores, and is also playable on the Oculus VR headset.

More info is on their web site:


Just saw you were browsing here too :slight_smile: This is an advertisement, isn’t it? It seems to be for a worthwhile project and everything, but it is NOT memrise related. What is the usual procedure with this kind of thing?
“Make unlisted”???

Probably more suited to the “Off topic” topic in the Decks Community area. You could move it there.

Actually, I have had this app on my iPad for some time. It’s quite good fun and supports a very good cause. Give it a try. :grinning:

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Advertising? Are you joking? I certainly hope so, because if not, then you don’t know what the definition of advertising is, which would be very surprising for someone who describes themselves as a teacher.

Advertising is the promotion of a profit seeking commercial venture. This app is neither profit seeking nor commercial. It is, in fact, a medical research project being conducted by University College London, East Anglia University, and Alzheimer’s UK, et al.

This is nothing more or less than a public service announcement to promote worthwhile medical research into the field of dementia.

You would like to hide this post so that nobody could see it? Why would you do such a thing, with all of the irrelevant posts that people make on the forum every day, and about which nobody ever complains? Why would you single out this post for effective deletion?

This has nothing to do with Decks community-created courses, so why would it be moved there?

Memrise states that their entire purpose is to “enrich people’s minds to enrich their world.” Dementia causes people to lose their mental faculties, their mind. In my opinion, fighting dementia is directly related to this site, Memrise, which is dedicated to helping people preserve and strengthen their minds.

As a Memrise member for more than seven years, I have to say that I am shocked and appalled that two supposed “Community Leaders” would trash a posting by a long time member of a non-profit public service announcement about a directly related subject.

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@xvg11, don’t take it that personally. Memrise moved pretty much all topics to the Decks Community area, including the Off topic corner. I don’t know about making it unlisted though, what’s the use of that?

I’m interested in these sorts of studies and read about the results of this study on a Dutch page recently. But it said there the game is no longer available.
I just checked in the Google Play Store: the reviews there are terrible and people say it doesn’t work without VR device. So does the app still work for you?


I think the poor reviews on the Google Play Store are due to people trying to use the game without a VR device, which is apparently now a requirement for the current version, rather than merely an optional enhancement.

I’m sorry to see that the developer failed to communicate the hardware requirements in the app store, and generated such negative reviews for a project that actually gets very good reviews (4/5 stars) in the Oculus store for people who have the right hardware.

I don’t have VR myself, so I can’t try the new version, and I don’t have the original (non-VR) version of the app installed anymore, so I can’t say whether it would still work, or if they’ve disabled the older versions completely.

As far as where this topic best fits, I will move it into the Decks Community / Off-topic section as you’ve suggested, since they do seem to put so many topics there, regardless of their utter lack of any connection to the Decks community courses or web site. :roll_eyes:


No offence was intended with my post above. So I am sorry that, in keeping it brief, I upset you.

As my post said, I have had the Sea Hero Quest app for a long time (I think since it first came out) and am very happy to support the underlying study. Incidentally, I tried the app again last night and it still works ok for me, without any VR kit.

Looking again at the definition of the “Off-topic” category in the forum, it still seems to me to be the best place for this. That said, the current listings are messy and I think they need to move the ‘non-language courses’ topics from the “Decks Community Hub” section into the “Decks Community Courses” section, for greater clarity.

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I appreciate your comments, and accept your apology.

I’m glad to hear that your older iOS version is still working for you, but I still think they need to clarify the requirements for the new version that they have in the Google App store, at the very least.

Regarding the forum category organization, I agree that it is and always has been messy, and it isn’t at all obvious to me where certain topics would best fit, and it doesn’t help that they’ve left many category descriptions undefined, with the stock filler text still in place. Adding Decks into the mix has only made things even more confusing, in my opinion.

I am sorry that I misinterpreted your post. If I recall correctly, it was one of the last things I saw last night, maybe around midnight, which is probably not the best time to be doing this kind of thing. I just saw “game” and “Deutsche Telekom” and didn’t read the post properly or open the link.

I am glad that this is a legitimate thing and intended for a good cause.

Please accept my apologies for my misinterpretations.

Apology accepted. I suppose it’s understandable how you could have come to the wrong conclusion if you were tired and just quickly skimming the topic without much paying too much attention to it.

I think you’re correct that it’s probably not a good idea to try to do forum housekeeping after midnight, because it may produce undesirable results, just like feeding Gremlins after midnight. :wink:

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