Further upgrade of Memrise pronunciation exercises

Since I started learning Mandarin, Memrise pronunciation exercises has been very helpful.
The concept, the exercise it is very good but not user friendly in my opinion the pronunciation exercises
really made me exposed to the language and shaped the way I am speaking but the thing is as I went further the courses and concepts, it is really becoming annoying. The voice recognition is becoming less tolerant especially for some word groups. And the Pronunciation exercise doesn’t show specificly which character I am misspelling, it reduces the efficiency of Pronunciation exercises. Briefly if these enhancements were to be made the pronunciation exercises would be excellent and boosting.

+More voice recognition tolerance(yes the stricity that P. exercises has, very good but sometimes really it doesn’t accept something so similar)
Or at least there should be grading system such that you pronounced: excellent, very good, good, bad
+If exercise show me which character I am misspelling it will be very good
+And it is a little bit too much but if app were to recognise ending of my pronunciation and afterwards automatically end the recording it would be great

Edit1: I’m a Turkish native speaker but I’m using English-Chinese course
Edit2: Someone would ask what is my reference as to whether I pronounce the words correct or not. Well my reference is the app itself, at the problematic words and phrases which I’ve detected, while I am recording I volume up phone, replay the recording then pass that recording to the app, simply it doesn’t accept its own recording whereas when I do the same with the correct words which I managed to pronounce correctly the app also accepts its own recording as true pronunciation.( Especially the months are mess yi yue er yue san yue just try it yourself.) I hope these edits make everything everything clear.