Friday 07. February 2020: 2nd summary page with "Session complete" title is blank after classic review - leaderboard is empty / x of y words learned and LTM are 0

Hello @MemriseSupport team,

right now I completed a classic review of a user-created course on the official (not website.

In the 1st summary page I correctly got the 4 point rows:

Correct answers xx yyyy pts
Speed xxminxx yy pts
Accuracy xx% yy pts
Total points yyyy pts

On the first page the word streak/error statistic is correctly shown (I will have to check this again on a 2nd test).

Then you click on the green Continue button which forwards you to the 2nd Summary / course page:

Course title:
0 / 0 words learned
0 in long term memory (LTM)

The words learned / max words available progress bar is completely grey/empty this time.
The leaderboard (weekly/monthly/alltime) is empty.


In Firefox V52.9.0esr (on a quite old Windows Laptop) the following JavaScript error message is logged in the web console:

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data[Weitere Informationen] libs-b61a59e37813.js:1:438416

I tried to review 25 words with this user-created course:

I will restart the browser and do a 2nd classic review test, both on your web portal and also

I will also review 50+ words in several official PT BR courses + more user-created courses.

Hopefully it is just temporary.

I am not sure if any Tampermonkey userscript is causing this…should not be the case, normally.

Thankfully the 1st summary page with the 4 statistic rows were not affected; so this is not such a big deal for me, even with missing data on the 2nd page.

I will try again after a browser restart and verify this on your Decks website (which I ocassionally also use so far for testing).

Best regards

Thomas Heiss

Clicking on the X in the top right corner and returning to the web leaderboard gives me now this error:

" 502 Gateway timeout :frowning:

Sorry, we have failed to serve you a page in a timely manner! Please try heading to your dashboard and working from there."

Web console also shows this:

“Die Zeichenkodierung des HTML-Dokuments wurde nicht deklariert. Das Dokument wird in manchen Browser-Konfigurationen mit verstümmeltem Text dargestellt, wenn das Dokument Zeichen außerhalb des US-ASCII-Bereichs enthält. Die Zeichenkodierung der Seite muss im Dokument oder Transferprotokoll deklariert werden.”

Hi Thomas, we are indeed experiencing some downtime at the moment. The enginnering team is looking at it, hopefully we can get it up and running shortly


we are back online and all services should be working as expected. thank you for your patience and your report :slight_smile: