Frequency that words are reviewed?

Does anyone have any insight into the Memrise SRS algorithms for reviewed words?
I was looking for a basic idea of how often (and how long) reviewed words will get showsn for review.
(e.g. 4 hrs, 1 day, 2 day, 7 days, 21 days etc…)

As I’m planning on doing a longish course that will require 6-9 months, I wanted to make sure that the Memrise algorithm would last the duration. (I had seen some mention about it only stretching over 180 days but I didn’t understand what the impact would be.)

Any ideas?

You might have misunderstood the post about 180 days. That’s the longest review spacing memrise has, so once you know something quite well and never get it wrong, when it reaches 180 days, every time you review it and get it right again it gets scheduled for 180 days in the future. It’s a big problem because after you’ve been doing memrise for a few years, you start accumulating large numbers of words to review every 180 days, to the point where every day a lot of them come up for review.


Hi @matteogiuseppe,

There is an explanation in the following topic which you may find helpful:

The words are in for a review depending on your answers, if you always offer right answer reviews will be few and far away, and if you give wrong answers you will be reviewing same word hourly / daily.

For one word you have to give correct answers few times before review of that word get scheduled for 180 days. But before that you will review that word few times.

If you use your PC for learning, you can see when words are due to be reviewed. Click on the name of the course to get to page with all course levels, and click on any level you completed. Next to entries, at the end of the row you can see when that word will be sent to you to review it.

From: Why do some courses never come up for review?


I definitely misunderstood the 180 days thing. Thanks for clearing that up for me! :slight_smile:

This is perfect. Thanks for sharing and answering my question!

It seems to have changed. Today after learning my schedule said 5 hours for each of the words.

@mike.savage.39945e - I keep an Excel spreadsheet which I update as I plant and water. Because of that spreadsheet, I can confirm that the review intervals have not changed. Several months ago, Memrise changed the way they report when it’ll be time to review next, rounding up instead of rounding down.

For example, last year I would review a lesson of 25 items, and immediately after the review session, many of the items in the lesson would say they’re due next in 47 days, and the rest would say 48 days. Now that Memrise rounds up, many items in the lesson say they’ll be due in 49 days and the rest say 48 days.

It would be good if you could vary the frequency of words coming up for review, but you can’t do that, other than sticking them on Ignore.