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Dear @MemriseSupport ,

in Course 5, Chapter “Sports:Fans” the word for “tournament” is introduced as “le tournois”. I believe, however, that this is the plural of the word or an adjective. Correctly, it should be “le tournoi”.

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Hi @Dumani,

Happy New Year! :partying_face: Thank you for spotting this, I appreciate! I now have corrected the item, you can log out and in again of your profile in order to see the change.

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happy to help! :smiley:

Thank you, I wish you a wonderful new year as well!

Hello, in the rubric SCHOOL SUBJECTS, the first word is sujet…
But sujet isn’t used for school subjects. The correct word for “a school subject” is " une matière"

Merci de changer cette donnée!

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There is a typo in a part of the French for English Speakers / Holiday Survival Kit / Christmas Dinner portion.

“pompette” is translated as “tispy” about half the time, which is initially confusing. It is correctly spelled “tipsy” the other half the time. Just a small error I wanted to bring to your attention.

Can’t tell you how much I love this site! Thank you!

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Hi @fanny_sta , just to draw your attention to the two comments above. Thank you!

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Thank you @leniruk2, I agree with you! The word has been removed from the Level until we make a new entry for “une matière”. Thanks for flagging :pray:

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Hi @Seytom well spotted! The translation has now been corrected, thanks for your help :innocent:

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Hi @fanny_sta, could you give a link to your praised course, I couldn’t find it. Thanks.


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