French course - can not load

hi guys, this might be a technical problem but maybe someone can help me…
I’m using the free version and since 2 days ago sometimes it would say can not load session when im about to “learn new words” if i click on on the ok button then it just take me to “class review”
also the leaderboard sometimes just me whereas before i could see others.

help please! merci beaucoup :slight_smile:

Hi @IG_at_november.wong,

Thank you for reporting this. Would you mind contacting me by email at so I can ask you for more details and try and fix the issue asap?

Kind regards,

Hi Fanny,

I’m interested to purchase the pro option but right now with the free trial i have technical problems so id like to know if this can be solve before i spend money on this.

I’ve been doing a lot of class review but can not access to learn new words or grammar.Also, I only see myself in the ranking now, but i used to be able to see other participants’ scores.

I attached an image of what shows up when i click to learn new lessons.


Hi @IG_at_november.wong,

Could you please email me the version of the app you are using and on which device please? I will be happy to help but cannot ask for your more details regarding your account on here. My email address is


Hi, the problem exist within the desktop version, I don’t really use my phone with the app.

I am having the same problem in French 2. It won’t let me Learn New Words. I only have 6 more to learn and I get an error on this every time. I paid for a year of Memrise too. What is the problem???

Hi @IG_at_november.wong and @DianaBoothRanke38 :slight_smile:

I’ve checked your learning list, and you’re doing one of the new courses. It’s the same situation I mentioned earlier to another user. I will put below the previous post:

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So you’re saying that at this point I can never finish this course?

You have already finished the course (with respect to words and phrases available in the web version). But the additional feature “grammar mode” can only be done in the app for now. The web version of “grammar mode” is not ready yet. If you want more details, you need to ask for the French Language Specialist at Memrise: fanny_sta.

You can contact her through the forum by adding the “@” symbol in front of her username, or by sending a private message. At the beginning of this topic, she reported a contact email as well.