French club

Hi guys just joined Memrise community but have been doing Memrise courses on French in Memrise

:grinning:And I like French so I have a question just for my first post u like French?

Hi to anyone on this chat please reply here :+1:

Welcome to Memrise. What is your native language?

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My native language is English thanks for replying to my post if you need anything just post on this chat

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I’m learning French are you? and I’m a male by the way

I’m also learning French.

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Cool :sunglasses:

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Thanks for following me I followed you back :smiley:

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thanks for following u like French? :grinning:

Just shout out if u want 2 practice some French.

no problem or in French pas probleme @Carper2514

hello french learners I’m still here

Curious. what time are you usually online? Are you offering conversation practice or just texting?

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both and usually on around 4:00 pm

Nice, how can I find you?

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Before you guys start sharing personal details: there is a private messaging feature here on the forum.
Just click on a user’s name to bring up her/his details. On the top right you’ll find a “Message” button which will allow you to exchange info without everyone else seeing it. For instance:

It seems that, depending on how long you’ve been a forum user, the message feature may not be available. Obviously, Discourse (= the forum software) has some restrictions with this respect (I don’t know any details, sorry).


thanks for that, I will remember it