French 2 English translation error


I think this is an error:

“Il fait trop froid dans la chambre”

Suggests the literal translation into English is “It does too hot in the room”. Surely it should say cold?

Hi @Kocytean,

Next time you have a question concerning the official course, use the course forum thread:

Hello @fanny_sta, could you have a look at this one, please?

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Hi @rlkirby,

The quoted message seems to date back to July 2016, is it an issue that you are experiencing yourself now too?


Hey @Kocytean,

Thank you for spotting this! I will fix this asap, you can log out and in again from your profile to see the change. :slight_smile:


Not sure I understand your question correctly, sorry.
Is that not the correct thread for the errors in the official French courses?

I think that by linking the Forum thread, it shows the 1st message posted there as a preview, which was in July 2016. I thought you were quoting that message, rather than linking the Forum thread. Sorry, my bad!

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Oh, ok, thanks for clearing that up.