French 1

I just finished French 1 course (the newest edition). I am not sure how many word/phrases I learnt. (I ignored 3 words/phrases)
On the web it says 460/473, but when I try to learn more I get error page (pic2).
My android app says I RULE!!! :slight_smile:
Google chrome/Samsung Galaxy 9+
Shots are from web (2) and from my android (last one)

Hi @ramajana,

That course has 4 levels (levels 2, 4, 6 and 9) which are grammar tests that you may have learned on the app version but which are not available on the web version.This is a common issue with some of the ‘official‘ language courses. If you open those levels on the web, it gives an explanation and the total of items for those four levels add up to the ten you have been unable to account for.


It could be… I don’t know… It says I did all.

Hi again,

Yes, I have a similar issue with Spanish (Spain)1. For example, as with yours, Level 2 on the web version is ‘ticked’ as having been completed but, if I click on that level, it says this:

It’s a long-standing issue that has been raised before. In this linked forum topic, the Memrise guys acknowledged the problem and said they were trying to resolve it but clearly haven’t found a solution yet:[WEBSITE-975] Completed courses show up as un-finished (Web / Mobile)

I hope this helps…and that they find a way to fix it for us.


Hey all,

Correct, this is indeed an error caused by missing Grammar items on web - internal code is now WEBSITE-2438.

Due to the complexity of the fix and other conflicting priorities, unfortunately this is taking a long time for the team to solve this, but rest assured that the ticket is in our backlog and will be looked at asap.

In the meanwhile, you can temporarily fix this by following these instructions:

Alternatively, please simply skip Learn new words on web on the affected courses. You can skip any session by clicking the button with the dots in your homepage and selecting a different mode from the ones available.

Thanks for your patience,

Best wishes,