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  • Definitely. We will do that and thanks for flagging.
  • Community-created courses is the right name. We will be looking for places where it is mentioned in a different way and changing it :slight_smile:
  • Product-wide changes are not something that this update touches and I am afraid I can’t promise anything I am not able to follow through with. However the campaign will be triggered when a user creates a course, that way all users creating courses, will be aware.
  • That is the way it was, we will be looking at ways to make it better in the next couple of days and there might be indeed better ways of doing it.

Thank you for your feedback!


Any particular reason why you are refusing to make a direct communication channel with course creators? Email invitations are better than nothing, but you are beating around the bushes again…

No notifications for already existing courses?

Hey Hombre_sin_nombre it is not that we are refusing to do that. Is that at the moment we wont be moving to a different forum platform like the one we had in the past.

Users are still encouraged to create a thread for a course and that is the aim of that campaign.

Other campaigns to existing course creators could be done. The one I have described would be recurrent. The one you mention would be a one off. Could potentially be done.

Thanks for the feedback,


Jesus, your answer could not be more obscure than that. :slight_smile: What I “mentioned” - what I had in mind when asking about direct channel - is a private messaging, and it is not a one off campaign. In some ideal world it could solve this problem with communication altogether, though I guess it’s not that simple, taking into account many things. But what do you think about PM with course creators?

PM - a poor solution, I for ex do not wish to receive PMs and I shall never again post links to my courses in the fora. I do hope the old links are gone.

I had problems with PMing, all sort of not so … balanced users simply pm-ed obscenities and infantile crap. One of them was so pissed off that I do not care about his being upset that someone has more points than him, he pestered me for weeks… You also had an insult or two in the bag, or? … I did report that user (not you) to the moderators, one mod responded displaying something very close to Schadenfreude/ gloating … i never received one apology from that guy, or from that moderator


Hi Jesus, Sorry I’m going to be a bit OT - I’ve created a couple of courses in Sinhalese (which is not available in your list of languages). Could you recommend me the forum to post the announcement to?

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Hi Jesus @JBorrego, an additional thought along similar lines to Clint’s…

I would like to suggest that a clickable link be automatically added to each course’s homepage which, on clicking, would open a new window for access to a corresponding, previously automatically generated forum thread.

Thank you for considering this idea.

  • Ian.

This would generate hundreds of forums, most of them not used. It’s not a good idea. Rather let the course creator create it if they wish to.

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Hi @TropuJampaPel19khx333

I think you’re wrong on this. To be clear, what I’m suggesting is that the course homepage clickable links to course-specific forums that were removed by Memrise in 2016 be re-implemented. At the time, the change caused a massive reduction (maybe 95%) in course discussion activity, and the situation has noticeably worsened over the last few years.

Efficient communication helps course creators (and contributors) maintain courses. And I can’t see any significant downside to making this change. Server storage requirements might increase by a few hundred MB, but that’s a tiny amount these days.

Imagine a forum with 2000+ sub-forums for courses, 99% with no content or inactive…

It’s fine if the course creator creates the forum and there’s a link to such an active forum from the course info.

I added the link into my course in the info field myself, so it’s all doable today.

Hi TropuJampaPel19,

How did you make the link clickable?

I could not so I just added it, also used as then it didn’t eat up the little of the characters allowed for the course, better than nothing (so that’s something they should add, a dedicated field for adding in the forum url):
Forum: Manual of Standard Tibetan - Audio

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Brilliant news Jesus (@JBorrego), and thanks for all you have done - especially cleaning up the Forum.

I still think that on the courses (learning) area some courses could fit into one of several categories, so a filter by a course title (or key word field) or group category name is invaluable when someone is looking for a topic to learn.


Ideally this should be Creators not Users.
It should only be Users when there is no thread already and then the user has should include the @Creator (and @Contributor) [and invite them], so they visit the page, should they ever become active.


Could you consider renaming this sub-group (as technically all non-language courses are listed afterwards/ below).

Perhaps to “General Comments about Community Created Courses” ?

I quite agree - something I suggested as soon as the old forms disappeared.

Good idea using (although I don’t know how to generate one) as we are so limited to space but personally I never click those links because I don’t know where they might take me - perhaps to some rouge web-site.

Oh didn’t realize that bitly url shorteners are frowned upon, Ok I will expand it. I think I have enough space for the full link – but yes it should have its’ own field in a creator course web page.

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There is no need (I think) to show the whole link perhaps just the relevant bit.
/forum-changes-improvements/51176 or

Actually you only need the topic number to make the link work. So for this topic:


Thanks that works, fixed my link. Alas it’s not shown clickable in the info section but better than nothing.

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hey all! thank you so much for the kind feedback!

As you can see, there is never a solution that pleases everybody. We are starting with what I communicated, and I will act on the specific feedback on wording and categories you have mentioned and also trying to clean up some categories and organise them threads better. :slight_smile:

Apologies things are taking a bit longer these days. With the global pandemic we are all facing, we have had to change our ways of working and obviously we need some time to plan, prepare and adapt.


When there’s a will, there will be a way.

The real question is: do you want to make a communication channel with course creators?