Foreign Language Anxiety Survey

Hi Memrise community! I’ve created a survey about Foreign Language Anxiety for an assignment in my undergrad English class at the University of Tennessee. I’m trying to determine the most common anxiety-inducing situations and I’m also seeking advice or strategies for dealing with that anxiety. Everything is anonymous and I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete it! Thanks so much!

Link to the survey

Wow! Never seen anything like this. Hope you come to a good conclusion!

Foreign language anxiety is the feeling of tension, fear, and apprehension. I have experienced that type of anxiety many years ago. It was caused by too many negative experiences in a foreign language context. Such situations lower my self-confidence when speaking a foreign language and hinder my progress. My therapist advice to try pills Etizolam that calm me and treat my anxiety feelings and throughout the time I have changed my condition of thinking of negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Welcome here!
I am sorry for your experience, and glad you could overcome your anxiety…But, as a doctor, I don’t think this pill is the adequate treatment for a such situation…So people, don’t try this!
I guess this anxiety is a kind of performance anxiety or stage fright probably…using a benzodiazepin has no place in this situation. Instead, try relaxation techniques, and if you really need a pill, it won’t be a benzo for sure!
Good luck!

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Ok, maybe pills are problematic, but how about natural ways of treating anxiety and other mental disorders? There are at least a few plants that people used a long time before pharmaceutic products were produced in such big quantities. One of them is Mitragyna speciosa, better known as Kratom. It is a South Asian plant. Nowadays they make pills out of it which, as usual, are banned in some countries. Why are they banned? Well, someone’s not interested in making people happy so they can sell their crap medicine further and make big money out of it. Enter site to read more about it.