Foreign Language Anxiety Survey

Hi Memrise community! I’ve created a survey about Foreign Language Anxiety for an assignment in my undergrad English class at the University of Tennessee. I’m trying to determine the most common anxiety-inducing situations and I’m also seeking advice or strategies for dealing with that anxiety. Everything is anonymous and I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete it! Thanks so much!

Link to the survey

Wow! Never seen anything like this. Hope you come to a good conclusion!

Foreign language anxiety is the feeling of tension, fear, and apprehension. I have experienced that type of anxiety many years ago. It was caused by too many negative experiences in a foreign language context. Such situations lower my self-confidence when speaking a foreign language and hinder my progress. My therapist advice to try pills Etizolam that calm me and treat my anxiety feelings and throughout the time I have changed my condition of thinking of negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Welcome here!
I am sorry for your experience, and glad you could overcome your anxiety…But, as a doctor, I don’t think this pill is the adequate treatment for a such situation…So people, don’t try this!
I guess this anxiety is a kind of performance anxiety or stage fright probably…using a benzodiazepin has no place in this situation. Instead, try relaxation techniques, and if you really need a pill, it won’t be a benzo for sure!
Good luck!

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