Fluent in Korean, using only Memrise?

I was wondering if it is possible to become fluent in Korean using only Memrise? Is there anyone who has taken any of the official Memrise Korean courses and become fluent?

I must say, I’ve tried lots of different language learning apps, and Memrise is by far the best one out there. I’m really enjoying the new UI and videos from ‘the locals’ it really helps with my listening skills to be able to hear the same words spoken by different people of all ages. I think I’ve learnt more Korean using the App in a few days than I have with studying from books. I’m currently using some TTMIK material as a supplement, but I’m considering just solely using the app to achieve my goal of being able to speak, understand and hold a conversation in Korean. I know it’s been stated that you are likely to retain things more if you write them down, but I feel that the less I write down the better as it forces my brain to memorise more things and I think the app is really improving my overall memory.

I’m also liking these grammar sections which give you insight into the structure of sentences and other useful information you may need. I think Memrise has everything you need so will solely be using this for the next few months. Would be interested to know your thoughts and if you’re also only using Memrise to learn your language.

While I agree that Memrise is one of the best (with supplemented materials), it really depends on your definition of fluency. Native speakers in the real world are going to talk much faster, and use a lot more words and grammar that the Memrise courses haven’t touched (yet). It’s easy to listen for the stuff you already know, or the stuff you’re expecting to hear, but it’s much harder to gain fluency if you aren’t having actual conversations with people. I’d use the language exchange app HelloTalk to supplement Memrise! You can practice talking with real people and kind of judge how “fluent” you are.