Flags + capitals?

I am learning capitals of world countries but i would really like to see the countries flag at the same time, i think i would automatically absorb the flag and the visual of the flag would support my learning. Anyone know a way of editing a course to do this? Finding all the flags from scratch is onerous. Thanks

You can create a mem on the desktop by going into a particular course level selecting preview and then you can go through the list which allows you to add an image in the mem section.

Another option is if you are the course creator you can go into edit course, create an image column in the database, upload the images there and then change the prompt learning option to images. This option is found in the individual level section (the pencil icon).

Hopefully this helps.

Thank you, I have discovered the mem option, but unfortunately i only get to see the flag if i get the question wrong, i can’t see it automatically. Seems i will have to reinvent the wheel and make a whole new course. Thanks again.

It’s unfortunate these features are not highlighted as the main aspect of Memrise anymore. There needs to be more support for image courses and exposure of mem content.

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There are several Flag and Capital courses and you might find one that fits your needs better.

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