Fixing mistake word feature

I think the new design looks very nice! However, this site is not useful to me. For example, in old version, when performing review practice, if I detect mistake of word, I can fix it directly. But in new version I have to find and fix them via EDIT COURSE


@TranNamKhoi, I agree. For me this is the one serious disadvantage of the new version.

Not having the opportunity to easily correct errors while working through a review will inevitably result in many errors never being corrected by course creators and contributors.

@MemriseSupport, if there’s one adjustment to the new version that the Memrise development team might consider spending time on, this is probably it!

Thanks in advance for considering this.


James says this feature is gone.

From here:

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Making this adjustment to the course editing process (i.e. switching back to the the process used for quick editing in the previous version) will almost certainly result in higher revenues for Memrise long term, in my opinion.

Just my opinion, of course.