Finding friends! For my leaderboard, which is empty now

Bonjour guys,
I just started memrise pro 2 weeks ago, to learn French.
The sad thing is that I have no people to follow, because I don’t know anyone who uses memrise. I’d like to compete against people on the leaderboard to get more motivated while learning a language. So if you want to follow me or/and comment your username, I would love to see your progress everyday and try to beat you! Haha
Have a nice weekend.


Hey, I also started Memrise with French a couple of years ago.

Anyway, my name is , follow me if you want. Currently learning Japanese which is more motivating when you have competition.

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Not sure whether you’re on the French from English US or UK, but I myself am taking French (the old courses, at the mo, since I started before they were updated). Like all romance languages, for some reason, I find French very difficult — I’m embarrassingly slow. How have you been finding it so far?

Feel free to follow me. I’m always happy to have someone new on my leaderboard! : D

My user page is here.

edit: Just remembered that there is a legit meet and greet thread, though it’s a little dead (despite @MarshallLanguages’ valiant attempts to keep it active). Still, you should post in there — a good place to look for active followers.


Thanks! I’ll check that treat out.
I am learning French from UK English. Because I am Dutch, but living in London.
I have my goal right now at 10 word a day and I am going okay I think. Just 2 weeks in though but very determined, writing now every word I learn in a little notebook. I find it helpful that I already know Dutch, because some words just look a lot like Dutch words and some a lot like English. The more language you know the easier language learning gets. Do you know any more language outside of English?

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My main learning language is German. I took up a little French on the side as my German grew more proficient, as I’ve discovered learning a new language from another you’re learning serves to reinforce the first. So far, it has been quite helpful.

I am also learning Slovenian (I don’t find the official course on here to be anywhere near as well thought out as their others (though, since being redone, the French and German courses are hairy — the old ones are a more gentle introduction to each language, I think)), and Norwegian, at the moment. Norwegian is so much like a cross between English and German, that it is ridiculously easy to learn. It’s my lazy language, lol.

I agree that the more languages you learn, the easier it seems to become. (Sometimes, I accidentally code switch by mistake, though; half the time, my brain offers me half a dozen translations for the same simple sentence! It drives me crazy.) Not only is the vocab in several languages often quite similar, but grammar just gets easier and easier the more languages you’re familiar with; I sometimes think that when you set out to learn several languages, what you’re really doing is learning how language works in general.

I really hope your studies of French go better than mine. My progress is very slow. At this point, I mostly let myself learn passively, hoping that if I slow-and-steady it long enough, one day I’ll realise I’ve gotten a lot better than I expected.

One piece of advice, though… Don’t write the words you’ve learned down. Doing that’s like… a memory crutch — I don’t know… just, it’ll slow you down, that’s for sure. Try, instead, to put the French word for an object to the item when you see it in your day to day life, so you associate it directly with what it is rather than a word on a piece of paper. This works well for verbs, too — think about the verb for doing something while your doing it (or when you see someone doing it, I guess), construct a sentence around the verb (it doesn’t need to be complex, or anything).

I’ve learned a lot faster doing it this way. I guess it wouldn’t work for everyone, but it’s a lot more like the way we all learned our first language — we didn’t use a book, after all.

Dutch is quite similar to other Germanic languages, isn’t it? How was it for you to learn English?

Or, actually, do they teach that in schools in Holland? I mean, Britain’s awful for teaching language at school — you’re lucky to get a half-hearted French or German course at any secondary school here (we had Latin/Italian, which wasn’t at all fun). I hate the way Britain never bother’s to teach other languages, instead of just expecting everyone to learn English. It’s embarrassing, really.

Urgh. 2am rambling.

Must stop typing… before I start an international incident. Or decide to stage an educational-system coup. Either or.

Sorry about the word vomit. I do that.

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Welcome to Memrise @Jolene420. I am also learning French and have been for some time. Feel free to follow me if you wish.

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leer je nog steeds Frans?

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