Feeling lost in new forum

(DW7) #81

Yes there is at least a search facility (and PMs).

I think I am more familiar with the old integrated course forums.

There were three other forums (as far as I remember). Two that came from the link on the bottom and had big pictures/ icons (one was for course ideas) and then a third that was more for suggestions and discussions where we could up-vote and the MemRise team conversed with us. (I commented and made suggestions in all three.)

(As you know there are several threads here about the loss of the different types of Forums.)

The problem now is that all four areas are here and we start on one topic then “chat” and many other issues get covered and although that is good, if I want to go back to a particular issue it could be in several places…

As someone who likes to see small issues with courses resolved, I find getting in touch with creators who haven’t made it here, for one reason or another, frustrating. Still the MemRise team seem happy for me to support those courses. :slight_smile:

(Wild Sage) #82

What about the people who pay for the Pro version? Do they get a better forum?

(Rabbit Who) #83

@hydroptere there are different buttons every time I click on the page. “have a little patience”. !!! I said I spent 7 minutes trying to figure out how to make a post in the first place. How patient am I supposed to be? You wouldn’t find that frustrating? You can’t blame users when they can’t find a feature that has been hidden away by poor design.

I am not the only person who can’t understand this new system. Someone just posted on my course forum a problem with another course, which has nothing to do with me, thinking it was a place to report general problems. This resulted in me searching in vain to try to find the problems they were talking about in my course.

And I have loads of courses. It already takes hours upon hours to create a good course, finding words, adding them, checking them, adding audio, adding mems, and now add to that the extra hassle of manually creating a course forum that people can’t find, that people don’t understand, that people don’t use. They could at the very least make the links clickable in the course descriptions.

Then, if I do make a forum for all these courses, I have to go to each of them one by one to see if anyone has found a problem.
I used to get an email every time someone posted a problem with a course… is there a way to get that back?

(Kaspian) #84

@RabbitWho - At the bottom of each discussion thread is a button labeled, “Watching,” “Tracking,” “Normal,” or “Muted.” I believe if you click it and select Watching, you’ll be notified by email whenever someone posts. (It’s under the row that says “Bookmark, Share, Flag, Invite, Reply.”)

(Ian) #85

It appears that the originator of a thread automatically gets the following status:

Watching … You will receive notifications because you created this topic.

This seems to be working for me so far - hopefully it will continue that way. :slight_smile:

(DW7) #86

Many of us who have set up a “[Course Forum]” for our courses or group of courses, ask for a link to the course and level (if possible).

Have you asked for it? It might help cut down on random posts and help you find it if it is your issue.

And re this:

I used to get an email every time someone posted a problem with a course … is there a way to get that back?

If you mean the specific course forum embedded in each course automatically, I think the answer is “unfortunately not”.

(Rabbit Who) #87

Am watching but not receiving emails… hmmm

(DW7) #88

May I suggest you check your master settings to see if you allow emails. Or is your junk mail intercepting them?

(Fooyourface) #89

This forum is not very user friendly at first so I am sure lots of people wont bother to use it. It isn’t made clear that this forum exists on the main website. Having forums within courses made a lot more sense.

(Joseph Arthur) #90

seem pretty overwhelming at first. but glad its here. I didn’t know about this till about year later. Mostly all my MEMRISE info was found on the main website or Facebook site.

(C Orilla) #91

This forum sucks. Sorry to be such a negative wiener but it’s completely ruined any possibility of getting in contact with course creators. I didn’t even know about this change until now and I use memrise all the time. (the emails go to my spam account). Why weren’t there notifications inside my memrise account? Having to login twice is really annoying too. I don’t know why the old forums created so much clutter or people complained in the first place. You select a course and when you notice a mistake you could directly click on the forum page and start talking to the creator. Now there’s no hope of talking the creator of the course I just signed up for. There’s no way for me to gain access to them to notify them of the mistakes. As a creator of courses as well i know how much time and hard work it takes to upload things but we make mistakes and it’s essential that my users are able to talk to me about the mistakes in my course cause nobody wants to waste time studying incorrect information. You feel cheated.

It would be nice if a memrise person could comment on this problem. I’m seriously thinking of quiting the course because of the this issue but i know every course has it’s problem so will starting a new one really be any better or same story different course?

so frustrated

(Maxine Downunder) #92

You can still contact the creator of the course directly (if they’re on the forum) or indirectly via Memrise staff. For example, if someone doing one of my courses wants to contact me (and they do), they write their message and within it type my name with the @ sign immediately in front of it … like this @Maxine_Downunder. They will then get your message. If they are not on the forum, you can direct it to someone at Memrise, eg Lien or one of the others. You have to remember to put the @ sign immediately in front of their name. They can then directly contact the creator for you - and hopefully encourage them to join the forum. I hope that helps.

(C Orilla) #93

The only problem is the creator is probably like me and doesn’t know about the new forum. I have been using memrise consistently but my account goes to my spam email address. I am assuming i:m not the only one to have this set up. Without an in program notification it is unlikely they know about this new forum which means they:ll never know i:m looking for them.

(Maxine Downunder) #94

I agree @COrilla, it is possible the creator is not a member of this forum so far. In that case, I would tag someone at Memrise as I suggested above and they in turn can contact the creator on your behalf. I will do so here. @Lien can you please help COrilla with his request. Thanks.

(Lien) #95

If @COrilla PM’s me the course link, I can look into it.

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Hello, welcome back. I am new here and don’t know the way yet either, so let’s find out.

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What do you think about Frank Hodge Cartersville, GA?

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I’m not following what you want to say - slightly off-topic i guess :smile: :sunny: