Feeling lost in new forum

(Wild Sage) #61

Yes, there seems to be quite a few of us over here. It’s much nicer in these forums.

(A User) #62

Thanks! I’ve gone exploring a few times (and gotten lost almost as many :smiley: ), and I think I’m starting to figure this out now. :slight_smile: I seem to have reached the next trust level after new user, though I don’t have a clue what I did to do so.

Since you invited questions, where do I put a suggestion for the forums?

(A User) #63

Much. No trolls, no spammers, or at least in much more limited numbers, no downvotes (so no downvote spammers), no profusion of sockpuppets, no requests for one new language or another three times a day…


Here is probably as good as anywhere: https://community.memrise.com/c/community-hub/general

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Thanks again!

(Aya Avyva) #66

I pretty much just did the same thing as you did, I just found this new forum and I am feeling a little lost. I found your post because I was thinking of posting pretty much what you did.

I am also trying to do exactly what @neridapeters said.

I see this post is a couple of months old now so I am wondering if things seem better for those of you who have been here since the change.

Any tips on how to ease the adjustment?

(DW7) #67

Hi @avyva, AlanH’s advice above is a good place to start.

There’s lots of interesting posts and I see you have already found some. (Either look around or use the magnifying glass, in the top right, to search for a subject.)

Importantly the way to get in touch with a creator or contributor to a course is to look for the appropriate “[Course Forum]” post or contact them directly - a PM (when your rank allows it). Sadly not every course is supported in this way nor are all the creators or contributors.

See this post for guidance about a PM.

(A User) #68

It’s a good bit easier now that I’m used to it. I would advise trying to only figure out one thing at a time, not diving in and trying to do everything at once. I tried that, and I’m pretty sure I’d have adjusted faster if I hadn’t.

(DW7) #69

Hi @avyva

Two simple tips (that you may already know).

  1. If you want to make sure someone gets your reply, add the @ and their name to your post.

  2. Have a read of the "How to"s

(Aya Avyva) #70

Thanks for the advice. Yes alanh does appear to have some useful info, I shall try to work my way through the info slowly. Hopefully it will all start to make sense before too long :slight_smile:

(Aya Avyva) #71

Thanks, I am glad to hear this :relieved:

(Aya Avyva) #72

Thanks so much for the help and advice. Things are slowly making sense and I am sure I will get the hang of things with practice :mag_right:

(Rabbit Who) #73

These are so poorly designed. They load incredibly slowly, there is endless scrolling instead of pages and they keep making my browser freeze. Not to mention the fact that it is really hard to follow conversations because the look of it is so poor, and there is no quote button or way to see who is replying to who. Why didn’t they just use existing forums instead of wasting time and money on making an absolutely terrible one from scratch?
Stack Exchange
Ubb forums

Can’t complain when things are free… I love memrise… it’s like your uncle who is really nice but occasionally disappears and comes back in handcuffs naked and covered in seaweed

I can’t even figure out how to post this and I have been trying for 4 minutes and isn’t even my first post. If you can read this we’ll assume I figured it out.

It’s been 7 minutes now. This is so frustrating. Can we assume that the people who aren’t posting just can’t?
I refreshed a couple of times and now there is a blue reply button suddenly… hopefully if I press it

(Overlord Hydroptère) #74

@RabbitWho: while the old fora loss was mourned all around the user and creator base (except of course the memrise team): there is a quote button. Have a bit of patience and explore the options first… maybe you should clean your browser chache? and this hour, these minutes, there was a “google” fail, all googles of the world were affected (so some us-capacities had some real problems, and memrise still sits on amazon clouds, probably - that would explain why community.memrise.com was unreachable)

(Xvg11) #75

I agree with you completely that this forum system is terrible from a design, programming and usability standpoint, and I can’t imagine why Memrise chose it over more traditional forum software.

However it does have a quote button, although it’s not obvious. It’s the little pale gray speech-bubble in the top-left corner of the toolbar in the reply composition area.

And although Memrise is responsible for choosing this forum software, they aren’t responsible for creating it. It is a commercial project called Discourse, and was actually created mainly by programmer Jeff Atwood, who was the co-creator of Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow, and ironically also the creator of the programming blog Coding Horror, which focuses on criticizing poorly designed software.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #76

the simplest way to quote sb. is to go with your cursor over the text…then the bubble (which is not a bubble, because a rectangle…) shows itself. I don’t see why this forum [quote=“xvg11, post:75, topic:109”]
is terrible from a design, programming and usability standpoint, and I can’t imagine why Memrise chose it over more traditional forum software.

but maybe you have some arguments why the forum is terrible… I would have some arguments why taking out such a basic feature is a terrible thing to do - Imean the direct link between “report problem” and a “forum”, but this forum as such is a darn ordinary/normal/etc forum…

(DW7) #77

I must admit I only knew that way @Hydroptere (and not @xvg11’s method)

the simplest way to quote somebody is to go with your cursor over the text…then the bubble (which is not a bubble, because a rectangle…) shows itself.

and a sensible “quote reply” and quote marks appear.

There is another way - just done - which is to highlight some text (even from smewhere else, and start the line with "> " then paste.

(DW7) #78

What I find difficult is that there are so many topics that start on one subject then need to go into other points (eg here ‘how to PM somebody’ and also just now, ‘how to quote a reply’, which could have it’s own “How to” thread) and when I then want to find where someone said something, I find it hard to find the right thread.

(A User) #79

Seconded. I was looking for a post the other day and couldn’t find it anywhere, then I finally found it in the middle of a long thread with over 100 comments…

(Overlord Hydroptère) #80

that was even worst in the old fora… here you have at least a search box…