Feeling lost in new forum


Hi Maxine,

Apologies for ‘butting in’ but you need to go to “preferences” to reset your avatar. Click on the existing “M” in the right hand end of the banner heading to this forum topic, and you should then see buttons for “Bookmarks”, “Messages” and “Preferences”. On the “Preferences” page, you will see a “Profile Picture” option which will probably be showing your current “M”. From the “pencil” button, you should see something like this:

Then choose “custom picture”

Hope this helps! :smile:

How to change your forum profile picture
(DW7) #22

Hi Maxine, Sorry my instructions were not clear enough but AlanH has clarified it for you.

(Maxine Downunder) #23

Hi @alanh, thanks and you’re not butting in. I must be more remedial than what I sometimes think I am (on a bad day). I went to the top and clicked on the “M” and this is what popped up …

The instructions you gave me seemed very clear so I don’t know what I’m missing.

(Maxine Downunder) #24

No need to apologise DW7 - one way or the other I’ll get there. I noticed a moment ago you sent a message asking if mine was private - meanwhile I didn’t even know it was possible to send a private message. Feeling rather embarrassed right now!

(Maxine Downunder) #25

Finally found it - plain as day! Thanks everyone, specifically Hydrothere, DW7 & alanh. I’m now just looking for a nice pic which I may reuse for a new profile pic on Memrise.

(DW7) #26

Hi Maxine, I read a post above by Nazgul1488 saying we have private messages so I was testing it.

This is a real forum unlike the old one. Private messaging exists.

(DW7) #27

Nice picture Maxine - a little personalisation helps us who the posts are coming from.

(Maxine Downunder) #28

Yes indeed @DW7, pictures are better than just a letter especially when there are only 26 (letters) to choose from and potentially thousands using the forum with the same letters!

(DW7) #29

I agree but they also use different colours to add permutations - but still not as good as a picture.

(Forestwolf) #30

Same story) Also haven’t visited the forum in some time and was surprised at the new one. Anyway, new and more structured forum was waited long for,so I’m happy to finally see it. Its a pleasure seeing how one of favorite sites develop and grow new features.

(Fiona先生) #31

New and lost here too. Liking the new forum setup, but wishing more things had been carried over from the previous feedback/idea forum, etc. I enjoyed reading everyone’s ideas. Hopefully in time, this forum will grow to be as rich in user feedback.

(Maxine Downunder) #32

Hi @Fiona, I’m still not completely used to it, but then again I need to spend more time in it! Best wishes!

(Straße) #33

I don’t like the new forums. I can’t find all my posts via the way I used to do it.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #34

@Strasse: how did you find all your postings in the old forum??? in this one is very easy… did you ever click your own avatar?

(DW7) #35

Hi @Strasse

I can’t find all my posts via the way I used to do it.

If you mean the old Course Forum posts, I’m afraid MemRise has deleted all those and they now point us here.

Are you a creator of a course? Have you seen this thread?

Many creators have set up new threads. Look for “[Course Forum]” (before a course name or Creator/ Contributor) in the appropriate category or search by keywords (tags).

Are you looking for anything in particular - we may be able to say what your options are.

[Site Feedback] Course forum link redirects to community.memrise.com!
(Straße) #36

@Hydroptere yeah, I looked there, but I did not see anything.

@DW7 I am of a few, but they are private, so I ain’t worried about it.
I am looking for the Spanish 1-7 and the German ones also that Memrise created.

(DW7) #37

We have already wondered if MemRise is supporting it’s own courses.

All I can suggest is you first look under those languages and if not present, you create a thread including one of the MemRIse @ names.

(Maxine Downunder) #38

I googled it and found the following:
If you follow the above sequence (or else google yourself, you should find the remainder.
I believe the same deal for the German ones, here is the first one:

Best wishes!

(Straße) #39

@Maxine_Downunder I mean, the forums for those courses.


@Strasse ,I’m afraid the content of the old-style forums for those courses is no longer available, and the Memrise Team who created these particular courses do not intend to start new topic/threads specific to these courses in the new forum.

In reply to a recent question I asked the forum Admins about this, I was told that they don’t plan to start new forum topics for the Mermrise-created language courses because they feel it may be best if learners who need to report mistakes or make comments/suggestions first check under the relevant language heading whether there is an existing topic for that course. If not, they (the learner) can create a new topic for that course themselves. Their reason for taking this approach is that it should reduce unnecessary clutter on the forum - even though it is not entirely consistent with the guidance previously sent in an email to course creators, which encouraged us to set up replacement forum topics for our courses.

[Course Forum] Japanese 1-7 by Memrise