Feeling lost in new forum

(Maxine Downunder) #1

I’m just back from being out of the country for 32 days - with no opportunity to use Memrise while I was away. While I had a terrific holiday, I was a bit sad to say goodbye to my learning streak of 1+ years. Not to worry, I’m back into it now. I have just discovered this new forum and trying to feel my way around in it. I live in Melbourne, Australia and my user name is MaxineDownunder.

Edit: My only edit is a slight name change which I made a little while back - just in case anyone’s looking for me!

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(Neridapeters) #2

I’m feeling a bit lost as well. I’m sure we’ll get used to it. I’m busy reminding myself that change is good.

(idle) #3

I came here and immediately started exploring. :slight_smile: I often enjoy finding out how things work.

(DW7) #4

Hi Maxine.

Me too - I just went looking for the old Forum with loads of good (IMHO) suggestions and contributions I had made, but they all seem wiped - deleted!

What happened to all those suggestions - some promoted by the MemRise team asking for our comments and others they had marked up as “under review” or “in progress”.

Can anyone enlighten me please?


(Overlord Hydroptère) #5

this forum will grow onto infinity, or how? it seems there is no option to delete old posts?


I hope that the Forum Moderators will do some ‘housekeeping’ as time goes on. Until then, we can always delete our own old posts by clicking on the “show more” (3 grey dots) to reveal the delete icon. :relaxed:

(DW7) #7

A question to you all.

Assuming it is worth re-creating suggestions under the appropriate grouping, will they be read by the MemRise team who will then give us their comments on it, or is it just a Forum to post ideas and ask questions?

As a course Creator, Contributor and “Curator” or “Custodian” (my suggested term for abandoned courses), I posted a lot of suggestions and it would be nice if these ideas could be preserved.

(Maxine Downunder) #8

I agree with you DW7. Where’s all the “old stuff”? I see I’m going to have to spend considerable time hunting around in the new forum to find postings of ‘regulars’ which I always enjoyed reading and sometimes adding my 5 cents worth too!

(Overlord Hydroptère) #9

many thanks, Alan

(DW7) #10

Hi Maxine,

This thread that I started, has some interesting comments, including an encouraging statement from OliviaZavala a MemRise staff member that they still have access to our suggestions and will be looking at them.

(Maxine Downunder) #11

Maybe I’m missing something - how do I load a load “which represents me” so that it’s an improvement on the letter “M”. I would have thought the Forum would have used my profile pic on Memrise. Thanks!

(Overlord Hydroptère) #12

maxine: copy paste your memrise avatar (at least, this is how i’ve done it. The “H” memrise “planted” for me was looking like the sign for bus stops in Germany…

(Maxine Downunder) #13

Thanks Hydroptere - will get back to this tomorrow!

(Shano 師傅) #14

Hey @DW7, I just posted in the Course Creators Corner asking about abandoned courses. What generally happens and how are they deemed to be actually abandoned?

(DW7) #15

Hi Maxine, go to the top right hand corner (“M”) click then click the cog.

You’ll see you can edit or add a lot (as I have).

Hope it works easily for you.

(DW7) #16

Hi Sifushano,

Saying the obvious, “abandoned” courses are:

  1. where the creator is named as “deleted” with a list of numbers or

  2. where they never reply to posts in their Course Forums (as you have found).

If I find an apparent abandoned course I wish to look after, I first post in the Course Forum and wait an appropriate amount of time (none if no replies for a year).

I then email the team info@memrise.com and ask for them to contact the creator (if possible) to see if they would be happy to have me as a Contributor. They then action appropriately - ie if no reply they make me a Contributor. Sometimes the Creator then replies to the post and says he’s happy and has made me a contributor.

Finally I add to the course description that I am supporting the course.

Hope that helps.

About the Course Creator's Corner category
(Shano 師傅) #17

It is logical and simple which is always helpful. Thanks for replying. I’ll link it back over to the Course Creator’s Corner. :+1:

(DW7) #18

Happy to help.

Good idea to link back and tie useful things together.

(Maxine Downunder) #19

Hey @DW7, would you mind emailing me re thrust of yr ‘continuous streak’ issues that you’ve emailed Memrise about so I know I’m on the same page.? Email ddress is now on my profile. Also I’m still having issues with changing my “M” in the forum. Can I blame this on jet-lag (still)? lol


This is a real forum unlike the old one. Private messaging exists. :slight_smile: