FEEDBACK: Words coming up for review TOO SOON!

Reviewing a course one has completed is good for maintenance. However, if all words come up for review every 2-3 days it becomes too time-consuming and counter-productive to keep up with, especially when one has completed a few courses. Is there no algorithm that counts how many times one gets a word correct/wrong and determines how soon the word will come up for review accordingly? Eg if one has never got a word wrong and gets it right every single time it comes up less often etc. (Hint: the app HelloChinese uses such an algorithm and it works well).

Well, actually Memrise implemented the Spaced Repetition System (SRS), which means that the intervals between reviews get longer over time. Of course, if you answer a word incorrectly, you’ll see it on your review list rather soon if not right away.

That said, there seem to limitations and bugs. Here’s what I have noticed (all of these in conjunction with the Android app, but since this should be backend-related, I presume this is true for iOS and the web as well):

  • on some days, I’ll have no or next to no words to review
  • on the following day (usually), I’ll have tons of words to review
  • the systems seems to stop at or around 180 days (I recall having seen that number elsewhere), meaning that words will again show up for review afterwards

@MemriseSupport, @JBorrego, @frabcus_memrise : can you share any insight regarding the above?