[Feedback] Warn consumer about lack of material for subject they want to study

I bought the app subscription because I could use it on my phone and now I find out that there are only two modules available for mobile for Icelandic. I wish I had been warned of the lack of materials before I purchased a subscription. I am also unable to get a refund.

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use a browser to visit this:

start some courses there and then restart the app you will be able to take user created courses on your phone then (i never use the app, but you have to “refresh” it, i understood from app users)

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There are LOADS of courses in Icelandic, for historical reasons the community-created courses do not appear on the app.

Access memrise via the web, not your phone and then you will see them in the link above.

You are right that it is rather misleading to only be able to see the in-house courses on the app, when there are loads of courses available on the web version. Just pick a few and start learning - a couple of words will be enough - and then these will appear in your list of courses on your phone.

So I got a bunch of courses onto my phone. I think I’m just frustrated because the courses don’t have those extra features that I specifically paid for. I think when someone starts a course they should be warned it’s a short one so they don’t pay specifically for only a few hrs of learning.


So, as far as I can see, the memrise Icelandic courses only have TWO levels? As opposed to seven on the other languages I am familiar with? That is kind of sneaky :frowning:

I am sure you can. Try tagging @MemriseSupport, by writing the word just like I have done.

Hi Kirsty,

of course I can understand your frustration.

To use those Pro features IMHO you would need to choose a more common European language (learnt by more people), which has all official Memrise 1-7 courses available.

Usually those individual courses are not only only 100 words long, as described in “Islandic 1”, but can also be ~352 up to 670 words (e.g PT BR 3).

To use “Meet the natives”/“Learn with Locals” you can orient yourself with their Membus project:

For example I am taking the “Portuguese Brazil” PT BR 1-7 courses, and those Pro features like “Meet the natives” would not be available, as this language is not the PT EU variant!

So you better focus on the bigger European languages like French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese European/Portugal variant, to make use of your Pro features.

You still can learn the community user-created Islandic courses on the app incl. offline.

However, I am not that sure, if really all languages and all 2-7 sub courses have received those features…
…looks to be quite confusing honestly :slight_smile:

However, the linked knowledgebase FAQ article from the http://support.memrise.com sub-domain within the above thread is completely dead, as Memrise reorganized their Support/FAQ section (or software?).

Many articles have not been migrated…

I bought Pro specifically for the extra features offered on the app created course for Icelandic, but there are only two modules available and I was not warned about the brevity of this course before my purchase. This is very frustrating.

The company is called “memrise”, not “mesmerise”. If you want to tag memrise support, you have to write @MemriseSupport. When you have written it correctly, a suggestion will appear and you click on that.

“memrise” is supposed to remind you of “memorise”, not “mesmerise”.

Please address your complaint to MEMRISE (use lower case, I am just using all-caps to emphasise the correct spelling).

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Amanda is a normal user like all of us.
She is NOT Memrise staff!

I never said I was memrise staff, I am just trying to get Kirsty to spell the company’s name properly.

She has repeatedly written “memrise” as “mesmerise” and that will not get the attention of anybody from the memrise team. I was just trying to get her to stop mis-spelling the name of the company? She wants her money back - deservedly so, it would seem - so I was just trying to help her tag the support team properly so that she gets a response from them.

@KirstyCook7: write a separate post somewhere with the tag “@MemriseSupport”. There’s no need to address your problem to me because I can’t help you, I’m afraid.

@Thomas.Heiss: I think Kirsty replied to me by accident, to be honest. And, hopefully, the good people at memrise will forgive her for that small oversight and will see the post anyway. That she accidentally put it in a reply to me is probably not such a big deal, I hope.