[feedback] trouble with colors

Hi there. I just discovered your app and I think it’s great. But I have a little problem with some colors: when ask to choose a character, the character and the box it’s written in are not contrasted enough. Depending on lights around, I can hardly read the signs in the boxes. Can you change colors or make an option to do that? That would be great!

Here’s a screenshot of the problem. Maybe it’s just on my phone or just because it’s dark, but it’s a little bit annoying :smile:


Wow, that’s very strange - I haven’t seen that until now. I’d wager it has to do with your device’s settings. Do you get the same effect when the dark mode is switched off?

I’ll tag @MemriseSupport for you but, again, this doesn’t look like an app-problem but rather one connected to your system’s settings.

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Are you sure you don’t have inverted colours? It looks as if you’ve changed colour settings via developers tools.

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Ok I tried changing settings, seems that this happen when dark mode is enabled on both my device and the app. My phone is permanently on dark mode, I activated it in-app to see if it changed something, but I didn’t linked the color problem to this (because I just checked on menu for changes, didn’t take any lesson right after).

So, problem solved, thank you very much :grin: